Trustar Pharma & Packing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier, our product included pharmaceutical machinery series in solid preparation field, and foodstuff packing machinery series and blister card board packing machine series. We strive in this field more than ten years. We supply good quality machines for our domestic and abroad customers, and supply timely and thoughtful service, and supply complete validation documents, and we also can supply total solution for you in solid preparation field and foodstuff packaging field.


Why global pharmaceutical companies choose TRUSTAR as a supplier of pharmaceutical machine and equipment?

Trustar offers equipment installation & commissioning service for production products, your equipment and control systems are qualifed based on the GAMP lifecycle
We have ISO9001:2008 certification and CE, so you can be more at ease when choosing machinery
We will provide you with the best capacity and equipment according to your requirements and design
We will provide customer product operation instructions free of charge, and will also in-depth training customer product maintenance related content
Professional designers who can design for the various needs of customers, which can maximize the optimization of customer resources
We have a quality control department that strictly monitors all aspects of the product to ensure the quality of the product
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Trustar Pharma Equipment

We are an advanced pharmaceutical and custom packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier. Our top products include pharmaceutical machinery series in solid preparation field, and food packing machinery series and automatic capsule filler machine series.

TRUSTAR also Provides Expertise in Pharmaceutical Machinery and The Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry

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Film coating machine also called film coater, tablets film coater, tablet coating machine. Model TGB-E Series High Efficiency Film Coating Machine are widely used for coating various tablets, pills

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