Tube Filling Machine

Automatic tube filling and sealing machine is used for filling and sealing of laminated tube, aluminum tube and plastic tube of semi-solid products. The tube filler and sealer fills the product into cylindrical metal / laminated / plastic tubes and closed tubes. Normally the filling capacity of the filling machine ranges from 35 to 150 tubes / min. there are different types of filling machines, such as linear tube filler and rotary tube filling equipment, to meet the requirements of different industries for tube packaging. For tube feeder, the design of the tube filling machine shall allow manual loading of the tube into the hopper and automatic feeding of the tube to the dosing station in accordance with ergonomics. The tubes are sent to the dosing station in turn and placed vertically in the special position. The bottom opening of the tube faces upward. In addition of sealing station, plastic materials tubes shall be fully sealed by hot water seals with high frequency hot jaws and hot air. Laminated and aluminum tubes shall be normally, double or saddle folded sealed by means of tube closure devices. It should be able to code outside the tube in sealing station.