Tablet Coating Machine

Tablet coating, also known as pan coating machine, is the outer coating / substance of the tablet. The coatings used range from traditional icing to polymer and polysaccharide based coatings. The type of coating depends on the specific features of the tablet and the target consumer of the tablet. List types of tablet coating below,

1. Sugar Coated Tablets

2. Film Coated Tablets

3. Gelatin Coated Tablets

4. Enteric Coated Tablets

5. Compression Coating Tablets

6. Other Types

Tablet coating machine is a kind of equipment which uses film coating material to coat the outer surface of tablet. The working principle of the tablet coater is relatively simple. The coating material is coated on the tablet moving bed, and the solvent is quickly removed by hot air. For the tablets to be coated, they are placed in a closed roller and continuously rotated in orbit under the influence of a streamlined plate. In order to avoid over coating on the tablets, the coating medium is sprayed automatically in a reasonable way.