Liquid Filling Sealing Machine Ggs-240P5 Bargain Price

Product Name: Bottle filling and sealing machine
Max forming depth: 12mm
Cutting Frequency: 0-25 times/min
Capacity: 1-50ml

What are the maintenance methods for GGS-240P5 liquid filling sealing machine?

GGS-240P5 liquid filling sealing machine is an optimal and also cost-effective filling equipment for pharmaceutical, day-to-day chemical and fine chemical sectors. Using the GGS-240P5 liquid filling sealing machine requires to make sure the stability and also great operation of the tools, and also requires routine maintenance and also upkeep of television filling as well as sealing maker.

① Check the sensitivity of the sensing unit on a regular basis, check the electric control circuit as well as the connection of each sensor and also tighten.

② Devices upkeep products are managed by the operator and form upkeep records.

③ Before starting manufacturing (including the feeding tool), oil needs to be included in the lubricator and the joint should be tightened up. After each manufacturing stop (including the feeding gadget), the water is discharged from the pressure decreasing valve. After each manufacturing, please tidy the device, as well as shut off the primary power switch or unplug the power plug.

④ All oiled components ought to be full of enough lubricating substance to prevent parts wear. Examine whether the pneumatically-driven and transmission systems are good, and also readjust and also replace the lube.

⑤ Tidy the inside and also outside of the filler pipe and the sealing equipment. Do not use warm water above 45 ° C to avoid damage to the securing ring.

⑥ Check whether the motor under test, heater, PLC and inverter are normal, and also execute a cleaning test to inspect whether the coefficient parameters are typical.

⑦ Throughout the operation, the operator should standardize the procedure. Throughout the procedure, please do not touch each part of the machine with your hands to prevent accident. If you discover unusual sounds, please stop checking in time until you find the reason. After repairing, you can turn it on again.

Technical Parameters Of GGS-240P5 liquid filling sealing machine

Products Specification

Product name

Liquid filling sealing machine

Max forming depth


Cutting Frequency

0-25 times/min

Film Material

PET/PE PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)x240mm



Power supply

220V/380V ,50Hz(optional)

Total power


Machine weight


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Details of Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

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