Rapid Mixer Granulator

Refer to rapid mixer granulator, firstly, we have to know its working principle. In the rapid mixing granulator, particles are formed by the rising, rotating and rolling motion of the material. In dry mixing, all components are added to RMG by high-speed rotating impeller and chopper. 

Next, as tips for calculating rapid mixer granulator capacity, often we have to consider into the formula. The claimed capacity is provided by the supplier in liters. To calculate the capacity (kg), first calculate the bulk density of the powder to be mixed and then multiply it by the capacity (liter). If the claimed capacity (L) is 400L and the bulk density is 0.8, then the capacity (kg) is 400 * 0.8 = 320 KG. Trustar has actually been giving pharmaceutical powder mixer for years. As expert of high shear mixer granulator and rapid mixer granulator, Trustar always supply quality machines to match oversea buyers’ demand.