Rapid Mixer Granulator

The rapid mixer granulator is supported by the fuselage, the pot is the container, the stirring rotation and the cutting flying knife drive are the driving force, the material is stirred by the stirring blade, so that the material is tumbling and mixing uniformly in a short time, and then made by the cutting flying knife. The particles are finally removed from the discharge port, and the rotating speed of the stirring and cutting flying knife is changed, so as to obtain equipment of different sizes of particles.The rapid mixer granulator has the following characteristics: adopts horizontal cylinder structure, reasonable structure; inflatable sealed drive shaft, can be switched to water when cleaning; fluidized granulation, granulation is approximately spherical, good fluidity; less than traditional technology 25% binder, the drying time is shortened; each batch of dry mixing is 2 minutes, granulation is 1-4 minutes, the work efficiency is increased by 4-5 times than the traditional process; it is completed in the same closed container, dry mixing-wet mixing-granulation , process reduction, in line with GMP specifications; the entire operation has strict safety protection measures.We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and packaging machinery. Our products include pharmaceutical machinery series in the solid preparation field, food packaging machinery series and blister packaging machine series. If you are looking for rapid mixer granulators, welcome to contact us and look forward to becoming a partner with you!