Strip Packing Machine

For strip packaging machines working-principle, the products are fed through the hopper, and the feeding device flows to the heat sealing roller chamber. The laminated foil required by the two rollers is pulled on the sealing roller for continuous packaging and sealing products. The sealing strip passes through vertical and horizontal cutting machines to obtain the required strip size. The difference between strip packing and blister packaging is that there are no hot formed or cold formed cavities in strip packaging. The difference between medical blister tray and drug blister packaging is that they are not push in packaging. They are designed for the medical equipment used in hospitals. The strip packing machine is widely used in the packing of tablets, capsules, capsules, coated tablets and soft capsules. It is also used for packaging toffee, tobacco, steel balls, refills, batteries, pads, bearings, oil seals, chewing gum and so on.