Alu-Alu Strip Machine Nsl-350B Supplier

Model: NSL-350B
Capacity: ≤1500pcs/min
Punch frequency: 40-80 times/min
Air compressor: 0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Description Of NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine

NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine is very automated as well as can immediately complete checking, filling up, sealing, and so on. NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine is suitable for product packaging tablets, capsules and also digital elements in the pharmaceutical industry. This light weight aluminum packaging can shield the packaged things from sunlight, and also has a moisture-proof feature, which can make the sealing and also level of smoothness very good.

Technical Parameters Of NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine:





Punch frequency

40-80 times/min

Air compressor

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Max packing width


Material roll DIA


Totall Power


Machine weight


Machine dimension


Features Of NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine:

1. The covering is formed by welding stainless-steel plate, the equipment layout is reasonable.

2. Outfitted with " GMP" demands to shield the risk-free procedure of the PC board door, enhancing the elegance and also functionality of the product.

3. Use a programmable controller and a programmable touch screen to regulate each activity point to assist in automatic dental filling.

4. NSL-350B alu-alu strip pack machine adopts PLC control system with touch screen. The team can easily establish as well as change on the touch display, by doing this can stay clear of the issue of transforming various equipment and also web-cams because of changes in product packaging specifications as well as medicine kinds. Hassle-free as well as very easy to run.

5. The speed of the main machine is controlled by a stepless regularity converter, and also a programmable controller is utilized to make the driving of the mechanical structure straightforward and easy to preserve.

6. The imported PID temperature controller can much better manage the temperature of the sealing mold. The surface temperature level detector assembled from imported parts can accurately measure the temperature.This temperature controller directly boosts the sealing effect of the medication board, and also can ensure that the surface area temperature level of the securing mold is absolutely stable and reputable.

7. NSL-350B alu-alu strip machine also has cutter in sealing terminal to prevent squandering edges and tearing conveniently, making the stroke extra clear and also gorgeous.

8. Can swiftly trade parts, reduce upkeep prices as well as boost device efficiency.

9. Make certain that the product packaging is air-tight.

10. Choice of tooth cavity shape and knurling design.

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