Tube Packaging Machine Zhf-60Z Reasonable Price

Product name: Tube packaging machine
Product capacity: 30-50Tubes/min
Filling volume: 1-120ml
Filling accuracy: ≤±1%

Description Of ZHF-60Z tube packaging machine

What is a filling up machine? Filling device is among lots of product packaging device devices, and it is also one of the most typically used and most preferred product packaging devices in product packaging machine equipment. According to the procedure of the operation resource, it can be divided into automatic filling machine as well as semi-automatic loading machine; according to the nature of the loading item, it can be divided right into sauce filling up equipment, granule filling equipment, powder loading device, fluid loading maker. The loading equipment has always been a solid backing for the product packaging sector. Over the last few years, with the development of science as well as innovation, the development rate of filling machines has actually come to be quicker. Compared with the filling up machine, the loading line presently made use of. Compared with the filling machine, the performance is greater.

ZHF-60Z tube packaging machine is widely made use of in food market, drink industry, daily chemical sector and so on. The competitors for food product packaging machinery is ending up being significantly strong. In the future, food filling up machinery will accept commercial automation to promote the general level of product packaging devices and create multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption food packaging tools.

Technical Parameters Of ZHF-60Z tube packaging machine

Products Specification

Product name

Tube packaging machine

Product capacity


Filling volume


Filling accuracy


Tube length


Tube diameter

10- 28mm

Air pressure


Hopper Volume


Why pick our ZHF-60Z tube packaging machine

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