Blister Packaging Machine

Most people buy products that are, to some extent, sealed in a plastic enclosure. Some common examples are cosmetics, drugs, toys, hardware, electronics and computer equipment. So the blister packing machine is so important right now. Blister packaging is the technology used to package these small products. This type of preformed packaging forms a mold around the product, protects the product during transportation, and stores the product safely before it reaches the consumer. The two main components of automatic blister packing machine are the cavity made of plastic or aluminum and the cover made of cardboard, paper, plastic or aluminum. Sometimes, insider also call the equipment as alu alu or alu pvc blister packaging machine. For the advantages of blister packaging equipment, we list below,

1. Blister packaging helps to protect the product from external factors.

2. Trustar’s blisters are designed to protect sensitive products.

3. Blister packing machine can be used as a unit dose package for pills, capsules or tablets because it provides barrier protection to meet shelf life requirements or even tamper resistance requirements.