Fluid Bed Granulator Fg-300 Competitive Price

Model: FG-300
Material Container Volnme: 1000L
Steam Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Capacity: 300Kg/batch

Technical Parameter of FG-300 Fluid Bed Granulator:

Products Specification



Material Container Volnme(L)


Material Container Diameter(mm)


Capacity (Kg/batch)


Steam Pressure(Mpa)


Steam Consumption(Kg/h)


Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa)


Compressed Air Consumption(m3/min)


Air Blower(Kw)


Electric Heating Power(Kw)


FG-300 Fluid Bed Granulator is also called fluid bed dryer machine.Trustar FG series fluid bed dryer is controlled by PLC. This fluid bed clothes dryer made by pharmaceutical machineries manufacturers device is commonly made use of for drying of powders, mixing of powders as well as granulation. This liquid bed devices is extremely appropriate utilized in the granulation of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, agricultural as well as other industries. E.g. manufacturing of tablets, immediate powders and also condiment.

During the fluidization process, hot air is introduced through a porous bed of moist solid particles under high pressure. Wet solids are lifted from the bottom and suspended in the air stream (fluidized state). Heat transfer is accomplished by direct contact between wet solids and hot gases. In addition to ensuring uniform and stable fluidization, the distributor used in the drying process can also prevent:

1. The fluidization quality of solid in some areas of fluidized bed dryer is poor.

2. Block distributor - perforation.

3. Solids fall from the bellows or air chamber below the fluidized bed.

Which Sorts Of Liquid Bed Dryers device exist?

Liquid bed granulator or liquid bed dryer maker has three groups of continuous liquid bed clothes dryer, semi-continuous continual fluid bed clothes dryer and recurring manufacturing constant fluidized bed granulator.

According to the framework, there are a range of types such as single-layer, multi-layer, straight multi-chamber pulse, cone as well as spray, vibration and inert carrier.

According to the look, it is split into 2 types: straight type fluid bed clothes dryer as well as vertical type fluid bed clothes dryer equipment. 

The straight kind fluid bed dryer is additionally called box type steaming dryer, as well as the vertical type fluid bed granulator is likewise called high effectiveness boiling dryer. Straight as well as vertical functioning principles coincide.

What is the feature of liquid bed dryer FBD?

1. Granulation in the pharmaceutical market: tablet computer granules, granules for granules, granules for pills.

2. Granulation in the food industry: chocolate, coffee, milk powder.

3. Granulated fruit juice, dressings, and so on.

4. Granulation in other sectors: chemicals, feed, plant foods, pigments, color chemicals, and so on.

5. Drying of grainy or granular wet materials.

6. Layer: granules, tablet safety layer, shade preparation, continual launch, movie, enteric covering, and so on.

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