Automatic Cartoning Machine Trc-100B Cheap Price

Model: TRC-100B
Encasing speed: 30-100boxes/min
Machine weight: 1600kg
Motor power: 0.75kw

Description of TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine

TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine is a modern item that incorporates pneumatically-driven, photoelectric as well as mechanical functions. It is suitable for container packaging of medicines, foods, cosmetics, electronics and so on, packed right into boxes of specified specs as well as secured.

TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine can complete a collection of complex procedures, consisting of conveying medicine bottles or medicines, automated folding device (1-4 folds up) and sharing, opening up, creating and sharing carton, bottled bottles as well as folding guidelines, printing set number, sealed box, as well as optional warm melt sticky tools. TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine can be made use of alone or together with filling up maker, and so on to develop a total production chain.

Technical parameters of TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine



Encasing speed



Quality requirement


Dimension range(L*W*H)



Quality requirement


Unfolded leaflet specification(L*W)


Fold range


Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption




Motor power


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Machine weight


Relating to the automatic cartoning machine, we have various alternatives. The selection of a suitable automatic cartoning machine depends on many variables, consisting of: the size of the boxed item, the variety of packaged things, the size of the container itself, the needed cartoning rate, the amount of available setup room, etc., please purchase according to your needs.

Features of TRC-100B automatic cartoning machine:

1) The body is constructed from stainless steel, using man-machine os, using internationally distinguished electrical as well as pneumatically-driven components.

2) Safe as well as trustworthy, cartoning machine instantly presents fault alarm system, as well as stops automatically when it is overwhelmed. Steady efficiency, compact and affordable framework, simple to run.

3) When the item or carton position is incorrect, cartoning device will immediately stop the tool to guarantee the quality as well as reliable procedure of the carton packaging. If there are no products and also flyers in the container, it will instantly stop.

4) PLC and also touch screen control, regularity conversion rate regulation, furnished with smart detection system, alphanumeric display, easy operation, steady operation coefficient. Display product packaging speed and also ended up item counting device, we also produce automatic blister packing machine for buyers.

5) Continual mechanical feeding as well as carton product packaging, job sychronisation of different useful components, secure as well as dependable, and also automatic detection and denial device, which can alarm and omit malfunctioning products.

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