Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine is commonly used in industry and pharmaceutical machinery. These machines are used to fill empty soft or hard capsules of various sizes, filled with powders, granules, semi-solid or liquid substances containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or mixtures of active drugs and excipients. This encapsulating machine can be filled with different sizes of capsules, depending on the machine, up to 450000 capsules can be filled per hour. Pharmaceutical capsule filling machine should have the following common working principle as below:

1. Correction (positioning of bad gelatin capsules);

2. Separation of capsule cap from body;

3. Dose of filling material / formulation (filling body);

4. Reconnection of cap and valve body;

5. Function of filled capsules ejection.

Trustar’s best-selling products include: automatic capsule filling machine, semi automatic capsule filler and manual capsule filling machine. Please contact with us for more specification.