Automatic Alu-alu Stripping Packing Machine

Model: 160 B
Capacity: ≤800pcs/min
Supply Ability: 500PCS
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Strip packing machine, also known as alu-alu strip machine. Strip packing machine is highly automated and can automatically complete counting, filling, sealing, etc. Suitable for packaging tablets, capsules and electronic components in the pharmaceutical industry. This aluminum packaging can protect the packaged items from sunlight, and has a moisture-proof function, which can make the sealing and smoothness very good.

Technical Parameter of strip packing machine









Punch frequency

40-80 times/min

40-80 times/min

40-80 times/min

Air compressor

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Max packing width




Material roll DIA




Totall Power




Machine weight




Machine dimension




We are a company with a long history and a professional industrial line.A series of strip packing machine are available in different models. There are different functions and production power, which can meet various needs of customers.

Feature of strip packing machine:

1.The casing is formed by welding stainless steel plate, the machine design is reasonable.

2.Equipped with "GMP" requirements to protect the safe operation of the PC board door, enhancing the beauty and practicality of the product.

3.Use a programmable controller and a programmable touch screen to control each action point to facilitate automatic filling.

4Strip packing machine adopt PLC control system with touch screen. The staff can freely set and adjust on the touch screen, this way can avoid the problem of changing various gears and cams due to changes in packaging specifications and drug types. Convenient and easy to operate.

5.The speed of the main machine is controlled by a stepless frequency converter, and a programmable controller is used to make the driving of the mechanical frame simple and easy to maintain.

6.The imported PID temperature controller can better control the temperature of the sealing mold. The surface temperature detector assembled from imported components can accurately measure the temperature.This temperature controller directly improves the sealing effect of the medicine board, and can ensure that the surface temperature of the sealing mold is absolutely stable and reliable.

7.Strip packing machine also have cutter in sealing station to avoid wasting edges and tearing easily, making the stroke more clear and beautiful.

8.Can quickly exchange parts, reduce maintenance costs and improve machine efficiency.

9.Make sure that the packaging is air-tight. We also manufacture alu alu blister packing machine for buyers.

10.Choice of cavity shape and knurling design.


1. What is a strip packing machine?

The strip packaging machine is a machine for packaging tablets, capsules, lozenges, etc. It has automatic feeding, sealing and cutting functions, and uses variable frequency speed regulation to set the stroke at will, which increases the vibration of the entire column feeding mechanism and optical monitoring device And highly automated.

The casing of strip packaging machine is welded by stainless steel plates, and the mechanical design is reasonable. Each machine is equipped with a PC board door cover, which can be safely operated in accordance with "GMP" requirements. It is the unity of product aesthetics and practicality.

The entire device uses a programmable controller and a programmable touch screen to control each action point, which facilitates the automatic filling of uncoated or coated tablets and capsules into two layers of Alu material and then packaging.

The airtight products have a relatively long shelf life and are easy to store, which makes the strip packing machine the preferred solution for packaging manufacturers such as food and medicine. Strip packing machines will continue to evolve in terms of technologies that deal with large demands and allow faster production runs. We are innovating in design and technology to meet market demand.

2. What is the working principle of the strip packing machine?

The product in the hopper reaches the sealed roller cavity through the stainless steel feeding system, and then conveys it to the finger device through the feeding tube. The device can fix various parts and center them so that they can enter the seal. The strips are then passed through vertical and horizontal cutter assemblies to deliver strip packages of the required size.A typical strip packing machine usually consists of a feeding system, sealing quality controller, product counting mechanism, slitting and cutting sections, etc.

Strip packing machine uses frequency control to randomly set the stroke, increase the vibration of the entire column feed mechanism and optical monitoring device, can automatically count, and can automatically complete filling, sealing, thread cutting, batch number, high-speed cutting.

3.What are the main components of strip packing machine?

Vibrator: able to transport product to the chute.

Chute: Grab various parts and adjust their position so that they are centered so that they can enter the sealing roller for subsequent production.

Sealing roller: A professional temperature control device is adopted to stably maintain the temperature of the sealing roller.

Slitting: The number and position of the slitting can be adjusted as needed, and the operation is convenient and simple.

Paint brush: make the sealing and cutting effect more perfect.

Cutter: Adjust the number of rows as needed to meet different production needs.

4.Where can strip packing machine be applied?

As a production machine, the strip packing machine has been widely used in various fields, greatly improving production efficiency and saving labor costs. Main in Pharmaceutical solid dosage machine from RMG,Fluid Bed Dryer,Tablet, Press,Tablet Sugar/Film Coating machine,Blister packing machine,Cartoner and etc. Specific products include candy products, buttons, ball bearings, rubber and plastic products, electronic parts, soft gelatin capsules, pins, ballpoint pen refills, etc.

Professional heaters and temperature controllers are suitable for almost all types of packaging materials, producing air-tight packaging and leak-proof sealing. It is suitable for most heat-expandable foils, such as paper-plastic, aluminum-plastic, cellophane, cello, cellophane, etc.

5.What are the different types of tablet packing machines ?

We have four main tablet packaging machines.

Strip Packing Machine

High Speed Tablet Strip Packing Machine

Automatic Al/Al packing machine and foil strip packing machine

Automatic/Soft Double Al Strip Packing Machine

Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine

High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine

(b) Blister Packaging Machines

Automatic Strip Blister Packing Machine

LFA High Quality Blister Strip Packing Machine

Self-checking Moulding Aluminum Blister Packing Machine

PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets

(c) Aluminium foil packaging machine

Double-side Aluminium Foil Packing Machine

(d) Fill & Sealing Machine

Pneumatic type

Pedal Type

In addition, we have LFA Automatic Tablet Counting Machine,Automatic Pouch Packing Machine,Vertical tablet packing machinery,Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment,Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine and Inline heat sealing machine.

6.What are the characteristics of various strip packing machine?

Strip packing machine is a production machine that is sturdy, durable and well-structured. By using precise temperature control and the ability to apply variable pressure on the sealing roller, we provide high-quality products.

The important features of the strip packing machine are:

Adjustable cutting method

The availability of standard interchangeable parts is quick and easy

Smooth and quiet operation

The smallest footprint and a strong corrosion-resistant coating

(a) High Speed Tablet Strip 

A fully automatic main machine that can be used to pack a large number of products. It has an adjustable conveyor table and an easily adjustable film feeding system.

(b) Automatic Al/Al Packing Machine and Foil Strip Packing Machine

Ideal for items between two pieces of aluminum foil and sealed products, used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry products.

(c) Automatic/Soft Double Aluminium Strip Packing Machine

Suitable for products that need to be packed between two pieces of aluminum foil. For example candy, pills and tablets. The device can also be used to package sensitive products that cannot withstand light.

(d) Rotary Type Tablet Strip

With independent PID temperature control, it is suitable for various items, such as medicines, cartons, daily necessities, and trays. The machine is sensitive to color code tracking, digitization, precise positioning of sealing and cutting.

(e) High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine

The machine has different batching systems, which can automatically complete various tablets, liquid foods, powders, etc., and the data can be printed on the packaging.

7.Why choose our strip packing machine?

(a) High credibility. Our company was established in 2005 and is a professional supplier of pharmaceutical machinery, food and beverage packaging machinery, printing packaging machinery and plastic machinery and other packaging machinery. As one of the earliest professional suppliers in the field of pharmaceutical machinery, we select the main equipment for pharmaceutical and packaging machinery for you. We are very keen on the development trend of the world's packaging machinery, and strictly implement mechanical quality control.

(b) Cost-effective, we can provide excellent quality and preferential prices, is your best choice.

(c) Provide personalized customization services. We can clearly understand your requirements and manufacture machines precisely according to your requirements.

(d) Provide good after-sales service. We will provide professional follow-up services. If there is a technical problem, you can contact us by email or phone, even if necessary, we can even visit you with our technical staff. Please rest assured to buy, after-sale problems are our top priority.

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