Supply Nsl-160B Pharma Strip Packaging Machines At Manufacturer Price

Model: NSL-160B
Capacity: ≤800pcs/min
Punch frequency: 40-80 times/min
Air compressor: 0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Technical Parameters Of NSL-160B strip packaging machines





Punch frequency

40-80 times/min

Air compressor

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Max packing width


Material roll DIA


Totall Power


Machine weight


Machine dimension



1. What are the features of NSL-160B strip packaging machines?

Strip packaging machines are a manufacturing device that is durable and well-structured. By utilizing precise temperature level control and the capability to use variable stress on the securing roller, we supply top notch items.

The vital attributes of the strip packaging machines are:

Adjustable cutting technique

The availability of typical interchangeable components fasts and very easy

Smooth and silent procedure

The smallest impact as well as a strong corrosion-resistant coating

( a) High Speed Tablet Computer Strip

A fully automated major device that can be made use of to load a lot of products. It has a flexible conveyor table as well as a quickly flexible film feeding system.

( b) Automatic Al/Al Packing Machine and also Aluminum Foil Strip Packaging Equipment

Ideal for products between two pieces of light weight aluminum foil and also sealed products, utilized in chemical, pharmaceutical as well as food sector items.

( c) Automatic/Soft Dual Aluminium Strip Packaging Machine

Appropriate for products that require to be packed between two items of aluminum foil. For example sweet, tablets as well as tablet computers. The device can likewise be made use of to package delicate products that can not hold up against light.

( d) Rotating Type Tablet Computer Strip

With independent PID temperature level control, it is suitable for various items, such as medicines, cartons, day-to-day needs, and also trays. The machine is sensitive to color code monitoring, digitization, exact positioning of securing and cutting.

( e) Premium quality Tablet Computer Strip Packing Device

The maker has various batching systems, which can immediately complete different tablets, fluid foods, powders, and so on, and the information can be published on the product packaging.

2. Why pick our NSL-160B strip packaging machines?

(a) High credibility. Our company was developed in 2005 as well as is a professional supplier of pharmaceutical equipment, food as well as drink packaging machinery, printing packaging machinery as well as plastic equipment and also other packaging equipment. As one of the earliest specialist distributors in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, we pick the major tools for pharmaceutical and packaging equipment for you. We are very keen on the development fad of the world's custom packaging machinery, and also strictly carry out mechanical quality control.

(b) Cost-efficient, we can offer superb high quality as well as special rates, is your best selection.

(c) Give individualized personalization services. We can plainly comprehend your needs and make equipment precisely according to your demands.

(d) Provide great after-sales service. We will offer expert follow-up solutions. If there is a technological problem, you can contact us by e-mail or phone, even if essential, we can also see you with our technical team. Please felt confident to acquire, after-sale services are our leading priority.

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