Supplier Pricing Nsl-160B Strip Pack Machine Made In China

Model: NSL-160B
Capacity: ≤800pcs/min
Punch frequency: 40-80 times/min
Air compressor: 0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Technical Parameters Of NSL-160B strip pack machine





Punch frequency

40-80 times/min

Air compressor

0.45Mpa, ≥0.2m³/min

Max packing width


Material roll DIA


Totall Power


Machine weight


Machine dimension



1. What are the main elements of NSL-160B strip pack machine?

Vibrator: Able to transfer item to the chute.

Securing roller: A professional temperature control tool is embraced to stably preserve the temperature of the sealing roller.

Slitting: The number and also setting of the slitting can be changed as needed, and the procedure is convenient and simple.

Repaint brush: Make the securing and reducing result a lot more best.

Cutter: Adjust the number of rows as needed to satisfy different production demands.

2. Where can NSL-160B strip pack machine be used?

As a production device, the strip pack machine has actually been extensively utilized in different fields, considerably enhancing manufacturing effectiveness as well as conserving labor expenses. Main in Drug strong dosage maker from RMG, Fluid Bed Dryer, Tablet Computer, Press, Tablet computer Sugar/Film Finish maker, Blister packing device, Cartoner and also etc. Details products consist of sweet products, switches, sphere bearings, rubber as well as plastic items, digital components, soft jelly pills, pins, ballpoint pen refills, etc. Specialist heating systems as well as temperature level controllers appropriate for almost all kinds of product packaging materials, producing air-tight packaging as well as watertight securing. It appropriates for many heat-expandable foils, such as paper-plastic, aluminum-plastic, cellophane, cello, cellophane, etc.

3. What are the different sorts of tablet packaging machines?

We have four primary tablet packaging devices.

( a) Strip Packaging Equipment

High Speed Tablet Computer Strip Packaging Maker

Automatic Al/Al loading maker as well as aluminum foil strip packaging machine

Automatic/Soft Dual Al Strip Packing Device

Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packaging Maker

Top Quality Tablet Strip Packing Equipment

( b) Blister Product packaging Makers

Automatic Strip Blister Packaging Equipment

LFA Premium Quality Sore Strip Packing Device

Self-checking Moulding Aluminum Blister Packaging Equipment

PVC Blister Product Packaging of Tablet Computers

( c) Aluminium foil product packaging maker

Double-side Aluminium Foil Packaging Machine

( d) Fill & Sealing Machine

Pneumatic type

Pedal Kind

In addition, we have LFA Automatic Tablet Computer Counting Equipment, Automatic Bag Packing Machine, Vertical tablet computer packing machinery, Affordable Tablet computer Packaging Devices, Automatic Tablet Product Packaging Equipment as well as Inline heat securing device.

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