Quality Hlsg-600 Super Mixer Machine For Pharmacy And Food

Model: HSLG-600
Total Volume: 600L
Working Volume: 15-400L
Feeding Capacity: 75-200kg

Technical Parameter of HLSG-600 super mixer:



Total Volume


Working Volume


Feeding Capacity


Working Time

Mixing: 2 minutes  Granulating:7-14 minutes

Finished Granule Size

Diameter: 0.14-1.5mm

Mixing Motor


Mixing Rotating Speed


Granulating Motor


Granulating Rotate Speed


Machine Size


Machine Weight


HLSG-600 super mixer can mix different type of powders or paste products and also make powders or paste materials into small solid granules. HLSG-600 super mixer is widely used for mixing granulation in such as pharmacy, food,chemicals and metallurgy sectors.

The super mixer combines the original design of the mixing blade to produce ideal flow movement through high-speed rotation, which makes it possible to mix and disperse various materials in a short time. It can be widely used in mixing, dispersing, granulating, crushing, drying, coating, impregnation and surface treatment.


HLSG-600 super mixer adopted frequency speed adjustment to control the stirring blade and cutter, easy to control the size of particle.

2. With automatic lifting of the pan cover, the tank outlet matching with drying device, self-equipped arm-ladder, it is easy to operate this high shear mixer granulator.

3. HLSG-600 super mixer with a structure of conical hopper tank, all material can be in uniform rotation.The tank is laid with an inter layer on the bottom, in which water cooling circulation system featuring higher thermostatic performance than air cooling system is furnished, which leads to improve the quality of particles.

4. With the rotating shaft hermetically filled with air, HLSG-600 super mixer can prevent all dusts from compact. 

5. Lifting system with paddle is more beneficial to clean paddies and pot body.

6. Each batch of materials will be dry-mixed for 2 minutes and be granulated for 7-14 minutes. Compared with traditional process, it has improved by 4-5 times. 

7. HLSG-600 super pharmaceutical powder mixer is the structure of horizontal cylinder (cone).Fluidization granulation, the finished granules are similar to roundness with good liquidity.

8. All the processes of dry-mixing & wet-mixing & granulating are finished in a closed vessel. So that it has reduced the process and also compiles with GMP standard.

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