High shear mixer granulator or rapid mixer granulator for pharmacy, food and chemicals

Specification: 0.14-1.5mm
Use Parts: Acceording to your Require
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


High shear mixer granulator also called rapid mixer granulator. HLSG- Series high shear mixer granulator is a new generation of granulating equipment recently developed by Trustar. This rapid mixer granulator can finish the procedures of mixing, wetting, granulating one time, with effective granulation, in compliance with GMP standard.

Technical Parameter of high shear mixer granulator:

Model HLSG-10 HLSG-30 HLSG-50 HLSG-100 HSLG-200 HSLG-600
Total Volume 10L 30L                            50L 200L 600L
Working Volume 2-6L 6-20L 12-35L 25-60L 60-150 15-400L
Feeding Capacity 1-3kg/Batch 3-10kg 8-20kg 15-40kg 50-140kg 75-200kg
Working Time Mixing: 2 minutes Granulating:7-14 minutes
Finished Granule Size Diameter: 0.14-1.5mm
Mixing Motor 3.0kw 5.5kw 15kw 30kw
Mixing Rotating Speed  50-500rpm 50-500rpm 40-400rpm 30-300rpm 30-260rpm 25-220rpm
Granulating Motor 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 3.0kw 4kw 11kw
Granulating Rotate Speed 50-3000RPM
Machine Size 1.28x0.53x1.32m 1.45x0.53x1.34m 1.75x0.60x1.62m 1.76x0.60x1.66m 2.18x1.06x2.15m 2.98x1.2x2.5m
Machine Weight 330kg 400kg 500kg 800kg 1350kg 3880kg

What are the applications of high-shear mixer granulators or rapid mixer granulator? This mixer granulators can mix different type of powders or paste products and also make powders or paste materials into small solid granules. High shear mixer granulator or rapid mixer granulator is widely used for mixing granulation in such  as pharmacy, food, chemicals and metallurgy sectors.

Trustar high shear mixer granulator include HLSG-10 high shear mixer, HLSG-30 mixer granulator,HLSG-50 rapid mixer granulator, HLSG-100 high shear mixer granulator, HLSG-200 rapid mixer granulator, HLSG-600 rapid mixer granulator.

Features of high shear mixer granulator:

1.HLSG- Series high shear mixer granulator  or rapid mixer granulator adopted frequency speed adjustment to control the stirring blade and cutter, easy to control the size of particle.

2. With the rotating shaft hermetically filled with air, high Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator machine can prevent all dusts from compact.

3. HLSG- Series high Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator with a structure of conical hopper tank, all material can be in uniform rotation.The tank is laid with an inter layer on the bottom, in which water cooling circulation system featuring higher thermostatic performance than air cooling system is furnished, which leads to improve the quality of particles.

4.With automatic lifting of the pan cover, the tank outlet matching with drying device, self-equipped arm-ladder, it is easy to operate this High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator.

5.Lifting system with paddle is more beneficial to clean paddies and pot body.

6. HLSG high Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator is the structure of horizontal cylinder (cone).Fluidization granulation, the finished granules are similar to roundness with good liquidity.

7. Each batch of materials will be dry-mixed for 2 minutes and be granulated for 7-14 minutes. Compared with traditional process, it has improved by 4-5 times.

8. All the processes of dry-mixing & wet-mixing & granulating are finished in a closed vessel. So that it has reduced the process and also compiles with GMP standard.


1.What is high shear granulation?

2.What is High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

3.How many types of granulation are there?

4.What is the working principle of High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

5.What are the main Parts of High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

1.What is high shear granulation?

High shear granulation is a shaping process for granulation that has been enhanced for application in the pharmaceutical industry. High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator is a good choice for high shear granulation.High-shear mixing granulators or rapid mixing granulators use a mixing tool and shredder to send the binder liquid into the powder particles in a closed container.Dense granules are formed through the liquid and solid bridges that result. For optimal handling and further processing of a product.

High shear granulation in a closed container with blending tools driven from above or below has long been applied by the pharmaceutical industry. The mechanical effect of the blending tools – irrespective of whether in batches or continuous operation – creates a denser granulate than the fluidized bed process.

Originally, the granulation liquid was poured into the product. Today, an improved dosed distribution using a spray nozzle is preferred in order to obtain a more even granulate.

The granules produced buy High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator are distinguished by a compact structure and high bulk density. They have good flow characteristics and can be optimally pressed. For various applications in pharmaceuticals and related industries.

2.What is High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

Rapid Mixer Granulator is a multi-purpose processer equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulation, and effervescent products and melt pelletization.

RMG Wet granulation is a common step in the manufacture of many solid dosage pharmaceuticals. Wet granulation can be accomplished in a High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator. A mechanical impeller moves the powder while a liquid binder is applied onto a moving powder bed. Addition of the liquid binder starts the formation of granules. The pharmaceutical powder mixer also has a chopper.

3.How many types of granulation are there?

Granulation technique is broadly classified into two types, dry granulation and wet granulation, with wet granulation being the most widely used granulation technique.Dry granulation could be achieved either by roller compaction or by slugging.. There has not been much progress in the dry granulation technique and technology in comparison to wet granulation.

Wet granulation is the widely used technique and the granules are produced by wet massing of the excipients and API with granulation liquid with or without binder.  Wet granulation has witnessed various technical and technological innovations such as steam granulation, moisture-activated dry granulation or moist granulation, thermal adhesion granulation, melt granulation, freeze granulation, foamed binder or foam granulation, and reverse wet granulation.

4.What is the working principle of High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is mixing unit with a bottom entry agitator ad side mounted chopper for granulation. It is used for dry blending, wet mixing, preparation of dough and granulation, i.e. cutting of the wet mass into small size granules. It works on the basic principle of agitation of the contents of the bowl at moderate speed and then running a specially profiled cutter blade at high speeds into the wet mass.

Dry mixing takes about 3-5 minutes to mix the ingredients, wet mixing takes 5-10 minutes to make the wet mass of material while the granulation process takes 5-10 minute to 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm sized granules.

Mixing time consumed in processing is depends upon the ingredients quantity and their particle size.

5.What are the main Parts of High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator?

High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator Impellers: Impellers are fixed at the bottom of dome shaped stainless steel bowl. It has fully length and two half-length blades. Impellers are designed such a way that small blade lift the material and full length blades push the material to mix well. These impellers break up the wet mass into small pieces and granules.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Chopper: These are specially designed small blades located at the bottom of the dome. The primary function of chopper is to cuts the lumps into smaller fragments those are mixed equally by impeller and aids the bowl or sprayed onto the powder to achieve a more homogeneous liquid distribution. It rotates at high speed (1440/2880) RPM to give easy and uniform granulation. The speed of chopper is responsible for the size of granule. Chopper does not have any significant effect on the granule size when impeller speed is high (above 200 RPM).

High Shear Mixer Granulator Discharge Port: The discharge port is mounted horizontally into the dome with vertical downward opening. Granules are unloaded in the container through the discharge port. Opening of discharge port is operated by pneumatic cylinder (compressed air cylinder) that requires 3-5 kg/cm2 pressure of compress air.

Trustar has been providing pharmaceutical equipment for decades. Granulation equipment is one of the products we have been supplying, high-shear mixing granulators or fast mixing granulators. It consists of a small-capacity system modeled for R & D and industrial-scale machinery, and is used for pharmaceuticals according to cGMP standards. Continuous and mass production.

If you are looking for a granulator, our High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator is your best choice, Trustar can provide the best solution for your operation.We will be your best choice of High Shear Mixer Granulator or rapid mixer granulator supplier.

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