Buy Fine Quality Fg-500 Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer Price

Model: FG-500
Electric Heating Power: 185Kw
Material Container Diameter: 1800mm
Supply Ability: 50 pieces per month

Technical Parameter of FG-500 Fluid Bed Dryer:

Products Specification



Material Container Volnme(L)


Material Container Diameter(mm)


Capacity (Kg/batch)


Steam Pressure(Mpa)


Steam Consumption(Kg/h)


Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa)


Compressed Air Consumption(m3/min)


Air Blower(Kw)


Electric Heating Power(Kw)


FG-500 Liquid Bed Dryer is also called fluid bed clothes dryer machine.Trustar FG collection fluid bed clothes dryer is controlled by PLC. This liquid bed dryer equipment is extensively utilized for drying out of powders, mixing of powders and also granulation. This liquid bed devices is really appropriate used in the granulation of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, agricultural and also various other industries.E.g. production of tablets, instant powders and condiment.

There are many types of fluidized bed dryers. Personal familiarity with the specific characteristics of these different types enables people to reasonably and economically select fluid bed granulator machines for drying operations. In many cases, several different types can provide similar performance at the same cost. It should also be noted that not all modified fluidized bed dryers are necessarily superior to conventional dryers in terms of product quality, energy efficiency or drug performance.

FG-500 Liquid Bed Dryer

The extensive development of FG-500 Fluid Bed Dryer mainly has the following advantages:

Due to the large contact area between the material and the drying medium, and the material is constantly agitated in the bed, the heat transfer effect is good, and the heat capacity coefficient is large, up to (2.3-7.0)×kW/m3·K;

Because the temperature distribution in the fluidized bed is uniform, thereby avoiding any local overheating of the product, it is especially suitable for drying some heat-sensitive materials;

Continuous operation or intermittent operation can be carried out in the same equipment;

The residence time of the material in the dryer which made by pharmaceutical machineries manufacturers can be adjusted as needed, so the product moisture content is stable;

The drying device itself does not include mechanical moving parts, so the investment cost of the equipment is low, and the maintenance workload is small.

Its main disadvantages:

The particle size of the material to be dried has a certain degree. Generally, it is required to be no less than 30um, and no more than 4mm is suitable. When several materials are mixed and dried, the weight of each material should be close;

Since the material back-mixing of the fluidized dryer is fierce, in the single-stage continuous fluidized drying device, the residence time of the material is uneven, and it is possible that the undried material will be discharged from the bed with the product.

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