Wholesale High End Fg-30 Fluid Bed Coating Supplier Pricing

Model: FG-30
Product Name: Fluid Bed Coating Machine
Material Container Volnme: 100L
Capacity: 30Kg/batch

FG-30 Fluid Bed Finishing is also called liquid bed dryer machine. Trustar FG series liquid bed clothes dryer is regulated by PLC. This fluid bed clothes dryer device is widely made use of for drying out of powders, blending of powders as well as granulation. This liquid bed tools is very suitable utilized in the granulation of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, farming and other industries. E.g. manufacturing of tablets, instantaneous powders and also condiment.

Technical Parameter of FG-30 Fluid Bed Coating

Products Specification



Material Container Volnme(L)


Material Container Diameter(mm)


Capacity (Kg/batch)


Steam Pressure(Mpa)


Steam Consumption(Kg/h)


Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa)


Compressed Air Consumption(m3/min)


Air Blower(Kw)


Electric Heating Power(Kw)



Air Blower Separated,Noise Less Than 75db

Fg-30 Fluid Bed Coating Machine

What is a FG-30 Liquid Bed Coating or fluid bed clothes dryer machine?

Liquid bed clothes dryer (additionally called FG-30 Liquid Bed Finishing) is a kind of devices used to minimize the dampness web content of powder as well as granules. By utilizing FG-30 Liquid Bed Finishing or fluid bed clothes dryer machine from fluid bed dryer manufacturer, you can attain an ideal dampness web content in either granules or powders.

It is normally composed of a heater, a fluidized bed host, a cyclone separator, a bag filter, a caused draft follower, and also an operation table. Depending on the nature of the material, a cyclone separator or bag filter can be selected as called for.

Feature of FG-30 Fluid Bed Coating:

1. As a granulator is made use of, it can enhance the fluidness and also lower dirt.

2. Because of powder granulating, the solubility of the product is substantially enhanced.

3. The blending, granulation and also drying processes are completed in one step inside the machine, reducing the handling actions as well as boosting the manufacturing performance.

4. Using explosive devices and anti-static filter fabric substantially improves the safety of procedure.

5. The loading as well as unloading is quickly, light and also easy to tidy, and meets the needs of GMP.

What are the main parts of the Liquid Bed Dryers maker (FBD)?

The parts of fluidized bed clothes dryer maker which may have different style options, yet there will certainly be the following system: Gas plenum (Gas inlet chamber) which screws as the receiver for inlet fluidization air. Gas distribution.Product container. An expanded chamber having a collection of filter bag in the expansion chamber. Binders spray system.Contains the following parts:

1. Feed truck

2. Control valve

3. Initial effect filter

4. Sub-efficient filter

5. Heater

6. Feeding liquid pump

7. Induced draft fan

8. Silencer

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