China Fabrication Quality Fg-120 Fluid Bed Dryer Machine

Model: FG-120
Material Container Volnme: 420L
Material Container Diameter: 1200mm
Capacity: 120Kg/batch

Technical Parameter of FG-120 Fluid Bed Dryer Machine:

Products Specification



Material Container Volnme(L)


Material Container Diameter(mm)


Capacity (Kg/batch)


Steam Pressure(Mpa)


Steam Consumption(Kg/h)


Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa)


Compressed Air Consumption(m3/min)


Air Blower(Kw)


Electric Heating Power(Kw)


FG-120 Fluid Bed Dryer Machine is similarly called fluid bed clothing dryer machine. Trustar, one of best fluid bed dryer manufacturer, our FG collection fluid bed clothes dryer is regulated by PLC. This fluid bed clothes dryer tool is commonly used for drying of powders, mixing of powders in addition to granulation. This liquid bed tools is very excellent used in the granulation of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, farming as well as likewise other industries.E.g. manufacturing of tablet computer computers, immediate powders as well as also condiment. We can also supply 300 Kg/batch fluid bed granulator for buyers.

Fluid Bed Dryer Machine

Fluidized bed dryer (also known as fluid bed dryer) is widely used in pharmaceutical industry to reduce the moisture content of pharmaceutical powder and granules.

The evaporated liquid is carried away by the dry gas. Sometimes, in order to save energy, the exhaust gas is partially recovered.

How does a FG-120 Fluid Bed Dryer Maker or liquid bed clothes dryer device work?

Need to know how the fluidized bed dryer functions, we should initially comprehend the functioning principle of the fluidized bed dryer.

1. The inlet air circulation from the base up will certainly press the powder in the trough to go up. As with a specific angle of the through, the aggregative fluidization of the product in it is exceptionally extreme.

2. The material pushed by the air flow will certainly get in the diffusion chamber. When the space of the diffusion chamber is larger than the area of the container, the air velocity in the chamber will certainly decrease, and the higher thrust of the product particles will certainly likewise become smaller. When the gravity of the particle itself overcomes the drive of the bottom-up inlet airflow, it will descend as well as go back to the side location of the storage tank. In the process of descent, the pushing force of the particles progressively ends up being bigger, making the fragments re-enter the diffusion chamber. Throughout the process, the bits will certainly return and forth between the diffusion chamber and also the container, creating an uneven fluidization.

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