Hot Sale Zhy-100Yc Automatic Tube Filling Machine With High Production

Product name: Tube packaging machine
Product capacity: 30-50Tubes/min
Filling volume: 1-120ml
Filling accuracy: ≤±1%

Technical parameters of ZHF-160 tube filler and sealer

Product name

Tube filler and sealer

Product capacity


Filling volume


Filling accuracy


Tube length


Tube diameter

10- 60mm

Air pressure


Hopper Volume


About ZHF-160 tube filler and sealer

What is the category of filling up equipment?

Filling up equipment can be divided into typical stress loading equipment, stress filling device, fluid filling up device, oil filling maker, tube filler and sealer, sauce loading equipment, granular slurry loading equipment according to the filling up principle, Powder filling up equipment, barrel water filling up machine as well as vacuum filling machine.

Injection filling device

This type of loading device is extensively made use of in medication, food, day-to-day chemical, oil, pesticide and various other unique industries. It can fill all sort of fluid and also paste items, such as anti-bacterial, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, lotion, various cosmetics, and so on short article.

Sauce filling up machine

It appropriates for the filling of thick sauce with granules and also concentrated chili sauce, watercress, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, butter warm pot base, red oil hot pot base, etc. According to the procedure procedure, it can be divided into completely automated filling device and semi-automatic filling up maker. Weighing filling device is suitable for fluid materials with low viscosity. As an example, paints, layers, resins, and different chemical basic materials.

Granular paste filling up maker

It appropriates for medication, daily chemical, food, chemical as well as unique sectors. It is a perfect filling tools for granular slurry thickness liquid. The machine is a semi-automatic piston filling device, which can load granular slurry fluid materials. The portable design as well as vertical framework conserve room.

Powder loading machine

This equipment is suitable for quantitative dental filling of grainy and also tiny granular products in chemical, food, farming, byproduct and other markets. Such as: pesticides, veterinary medicines, anti-bacterials, cleaning powder, grain, seeds, milk powder, flavorings, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar, additives, etc. Product features: Microcomputer control, precise quantitative. Specifications can be readjusted as well as errors can be instantly corrected. Solid as well as weak electrical power are divided without disturbance. High integrity as well as large adaptability. The loading components are made of all stainless-steel with high processing accuracy, great interchangeability and also practical category. Modern style, flexible combination.

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