Tablet Coating Pan Tgb-10E Pill Coating Machine From Chinese Factory

Place of Origin: China
Payment styple: TT , LC , Others
Weight of Main machine: 350-1500KG
Spray gun qty.: 1 to 4

Description of TGB-10E pill coating machine

TGB-10E pill coating machine is commonly utilized for layer different tablets, tablets as well as water-soluble film, slow and controlled launch film and sugar film etc in pharmaceutical, nourishment, food items, as well as desserts markets. And also it has such features as high efficiency, low energy intake, very easy to clean and also operate, as well as take tiny floor area, etc. The machine adopt advanced layout idea, has compact structure, meet CGMP standard totally. It's the suitable layer equipment for your choice. We likewise can fix the finish trouble and also provide the coating crafts for you. (Additionally, we also can supply the none-perforated finishing machine for you).

TGB-10E automatic tablet coating machine is primarily utilized in the production of Chinese medicine tablets as well as reconstituted sugar finishing in the pharmaceutical sector. It can additionally be used to roll, mix and also polish round or granular materials in the food, light industry as well as chemical sectors. As an example: chocolate polishing, peanuts, sugar, seasoning, making glutinous rice balls, pearl powder balls, rolling desiccant, manufacturing of chemical fillers, aluminum hydroxide balls, alumina spheres, porcelain sphere molecular sieve, driver.

Technical parameters of TGB-10E pill coating machine

Features of TGB-10E pill coating machine

1. All the operation, consisting of the control of hot air temperature level and adjustment of drum speed, are managed by SIEMENS PLC as well as shade touch display system.

2. Pill coating machine take on the constant-pressure variable peristaltic pump, cancel the return pipe. The turning radius of the roller differs in addition to the pressure change. The supplied finishing product as well as the spraying volume are balanced instantly; for that reason, stabilizing the effect of atomization, simplifying the spray system, avoiding the spray gun from plugging-up, and conserving the finish product. In addition, the cleaning is straightforward as well as there are no dead edges.

3. The gun is especially created as well as processed for the film layer machine, atomization uniformly as well as big spraying area. And also the global adjustable spraying head without application restriction. The washing system of the spray gun can stop the spraying gun obstructing, as well as make the pill coating machine can continue continuously, thus reduced the coating time as well as saved the covering material.

4. Pill coating machine geared up with the print function and also progressed CIP system.

5. Pill coating machine uses automatic implementation software, as well as the temperature level, wind speed, covering remedy can be controlled by online program.

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