Purchase Prime Quality Tgb-75E Film Coater Machine Cheap Price

Place of Origin: China
Payment styple: TT , LC , Others
Weight of Main machine: 350-1500KG
Spray gun qty.: 1 to 4

Description of TGB-75E film coater machine

TGB-75E film coater machine is an effective, energy-saving, secure and also clean mechatronics gadget that can coat tablets, pills, candy, and so on with organic film, water-soluble film, slow as well as regulated release covering. TGB-75E film coater machine is suitable for markets such as pharmaceutical, chemical, and also food. According to the pot product, it can be split right into stainless steel and also copper. According to the heat exchange effectiveness, it can be divided right into two types: perforated finish maker and non-perforated covering maker according to the production ability, it can be divided into manufacturing type and also experimental kind.

TGB-75E film coater machine appropriates for pharmaceutical, chemical, food as well as various other sectors. Tablets and also pills are utilized for sugar coating, rolling food and chemical items, as well as the speed is flexible. According to consumer requires to offer special-shaped pot.

Technical parameters of TGB-75E film coater machine

Working principle of TGB-75E film coater machine

The thin film - coated tablets operate on a continuous track in a closed drum with a streamlined guide plate. In the process of movement, the coating solution according to process flow and reasonable process parameters automatic spraying, at the same time, provide hot air under negative pressure condition, hot air by pills, and discharge from the base of the tablets layer, make the spraying in tablet on the surface of a coating solution fast, dry, evenly in tablet form a solid and smooth film on the surface.

The advantages of thin film - coated tablets are preference masking, odor masking, physical and chemical security, safeguards the drug in the tummy, and to manage its release.

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