automatic tablet and pill film coating machine or film coater equipment

Capacity (kg/batch): 10 TGB-10E
Coating Drum Diameter(mm): 610TGB-10E
Supply Ability: 1000PCS Per Month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Film coating machine also called film coater, tablets film coater,tablet coating machine. Model TGB-E Series High Efficiency Film Coating Machine are widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, slowand controlled release film and sugar film etc in pharmaceutical, nutrition, foodstuff,and sweets industries. And it has such characteristics as high efficiency,low energy consumption, easy to clean and operate, and take small floor areaetc. The machine adopt advanced design concept, has compact structure, meet CGMP standard completely. It's the ideal coating equipment for your choice. We also can solve the coating problem and supply the coating crafts for you. (In addition,we also can supply the none-perforated coating machine for you).

Technical Parameter of film coating machine:

Technical Parameter of film coating machine

What are the applications of film coating machine?

The initial coating machine is mainly used in the production of Chinese medicine pills and reconstituted sugar coatings in the pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used to roll, mix and polish spherical or granular materials in the food, light industry and chemical industries. For example: chocolate polishing, peanuts, sugar, seasoning, making glutinous rice balls, pearl powder balls, rolling desiccant, production of chemical fillers, aluminum hydroxide balls, alumina balls, porcelain ball molecular sieve, catalyst.

Film coating machine is a machine for uniformly coating and polishing the formed chips in the pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used for candy machine pills or coatings in the food industry. The coated tablets after coating and polishing have a bright surface and a complete consolidation coating after the surface sugar powder crystallizes, which can also prevent the tablet chips from oxidizing and degrading, getting wet or volatilizing, and can cover the discomfort of taking the chips The taste can achieve the effect that the tablets are easy to identify and aid in the dissolution and release in the human stomach.


Film coating machine include TGB-10E film coating machine,TGB-40E film coating machine,TGB-75E film coating machineTGB-150E film coating machineTGB-350E film coating machine.


1.All the operation, including the control of hot air temperature and adjustment of drum speed, are controlled by SIEMENS PLC and color touch screen system.

2.Under the action of the agitator of streamline guide plate type, the tablets are tumbling smoothly and exchanging frequently, thus eliminating the tablets to fall from a high place and colliding, solving the problem of tablets broken and chipped edge, and improving the rate of finished products. The narrow guide plate prevent the coating material paste on its surface, thus saving the coating material and improving the coating quality.

3.Film coating machine adopt the constant-pressure variable peristaltic pump, cancel the return pipe. The turning radius of the roller varies along with the pressure change. The supplied coating material and the spraying volume are balanced automatically; therefore, stabilizing the effect of atomization, simplifying the spray system, preventing the spray gun from plugging-up, and saving the coating material. Moreover, the cleaning is simple and there are no dead corners.

4.The patented spray gun is especially designed and processed for the film coating machine, atomization evenly and large spraying area. And the universal adjustable spraying head without dosing limit. The washing mechanism of the spray gun can prevent the spraying gun clogging, and make the film coating can proceed continuously, thus reduced the coating time and saved the coating material.

5.Film coating machine equipped with the production data print function and advanced CIP system.

6. Film coating machine use automatic execution software, and the temperature, wind speed, coating solution can be controlled by on-line program.

7. Meet different capacity requirement from 20% to 105%, promote 20% to 60% on coating efficiency.


How does the film coating machine work?

What is the coating on tablets?

What is film coating machine?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tablet?

Why do we coated tablets?

1. How does the film coating machine work?

The tablets need to be film coated is running a continuous orbital motion within the closed rotating drum under the action of a streamline guide plate. During the motion, coating solution sprays automatically according to the crafts process and rational crafts parameters, at the same time, hot air is supplied under negative pressure status, hot air pass through the tablets and exhaust from the bottom of the tablets layers, it will make the coating solution sprayed on the tablet surface dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth film on the tablet surface.

2.What is the coating on tablets

Tablet coating refers to the coating layer composed of suitable materials on the surface of the tablet (core). It has a long history to coat solid preparations. Some traditional Chinese medicine pills have been coated with cinnabar and talc. The history of coating (sugar coating, etc.) of solid preparations abroad is also very long. In recent years, coating technology has made great progress.It involves application of a sugar or polymeric coat on the tablet. The advantages of tablet coating are taste masking, odor masking, physical and chemical protection, protects the drug in the stomach, and to control its release profile. Coating may be applied to a wide range of oral solid dosage form, such as particles, powders, granules, crystals, pellets and tablets. When coating composition is applied to a batch of tablets in a coating pan, the tablet surfaces become covered with a tacky polymeric film. There are several techniques for tablet coating such as sugar coating, film coating and enteric coating. The disadvantages of the older techniques of coating have been overcome with the recent advancement in coating techn ologies. In these technologies coating materials are directly applied on the surface of the tablet without the use of any solvent. ICH guidelines also prefer the avoidance of organic solvents in pharmaceutical dosage formulations considering products safety profile.

3.What is film coating machine?

The film coating machine is an efficient, energy-saving, safe and clean mechatronics device that can coat tablets, pills, candy, etc. with organic film, water-soluble film, slow and controlled release coating. The garment machine is suitable for industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. According to the pot material, it can be divided into stainless steel and copper. According to the heat exchange efficiency, it can be divided into two types: perforated coating machine and non-perforated coating machine. According to the production capacity, it can be divided into production type and experimental type.

The film coating machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Tablets and pills are used for sugar coating, rolling food and chemical products. The material of the sugar coating pot is divided into stainless steel and copper, and the speed is adjustable. According to customer needs to provide special-shaped pot.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tablet?

1) Advantages of tablets:

Unit dosage forms with accurate, stable dose and great precision and least variability.

Most stable with respect to physical, chemical and microbiological attributes.

Cheapest oral dosage form, easy to handle, use and carry out with attractive and elegant appearance.

Cheap, easy to swallow and production does not require and additional processing steps.

Provide protection of medicaments from atmospheric conditions like air, moisture and light, etc.

Provide prolonged stability to medicaments.

Low manufacturing cost as compare to other solid dosage forms and large scale production is possible.

Administration of minute dose of drug in accurate amount.

Unpleasant taste can be masked by sugar coating.

Easy to divide into halves and quarters whenever fraction dose is required.

Formulate as a special release products such as enteric or delayed release products.

Packing and production is cheap and does not require more space for storage.

2) Disadvantages of tablets

Drugs which are amorphous and low density character are difficult to compress into tablet.

Hygroscopic drugs are not suitable for compressed tablets.

Drugs with low or poor water solubility, sloe dissolution, high absorbance in GI tract may be difficult to formulate.

Sensitive to oxygen drugs may require special coating.

Cost of production may be increase because of coating

and encapsulation to remove bitter and unpleasant taste.

Some tablet may cause problem in bioavailability.

Difficult to formulate liquid in tablet and swallowing is difficult especially for children and ill patients.

5.Why do we coated tablets?

5.1 Historical development

Since the 1930s, there have been successive technological explorations on film coating. However, due to the film materials, the coating process and equipment and other conditions have not yet been able to adapt to production

requirements, the actual application is subject to certain restrictions. In the 1950s, Abbott Lab first produced new film tablets and patented them using the "Filmtab" trademark. It has only started to develop in recent years. The

application of film coatings based on foreign medicines—new medicines—general medicinal essences has developed rapidly, resulting in the rapid development of film coating technology. Foreign countries have basically

replaced film coatings with film coatings. Icing. Has become a "new attraction" of the pharmaceutical industry.

5.2 advantages

The film coating process can be widely used as tablets, pills, granules, especially for the traditional Chinese medicine tablets with strong hygroscopicity, easy to crack, and variegation. Compared with sugar coating, film coating

has the following advantages :

1).Good quality. Because the film-forming agent and various auxiliary additives are polymer materials with excellent physical and chemical properties, the film-coated tablets can not only prevent moisture, light, taste, wear, and

are not easy to mold, easy to collapse, and greatly improved The dissolution rate, bioavailability and validity period of drugs have been greatly expanded, and the countries and regions where drugs can be sold have been greatly

expanded, which has effectively promoted the export of drugs, especially Chinese patent medicines.

2).Less weight gain. Only the weight of the tablet core is increased by 2% to 4%, and sugar-coated tablets (the talc powder in which the main auxiliary ingredients have been eliminated abroad) tend to increase the weight of the

tablet core by 50% to 100%.

3).Dry quickly. The coating operation time is short, generally only needs 2 ~ 3h, and the sugar coating generally needs 16h, the operation is enough, and it can be mastered, especially the Chinese and Western medicines that are

easily damaged by high temperature are suitable for preservation quality.

4).Beautiful image. The shape is beautiful, the color is bright, the logo is fresh, and the image is vivid. The core can be made with various flat shapes. The trademark and logo of the enterprise can be directly punched on the core.

The film coat is still clear and obvious, which can not only improve the image of the enterprise, but also can be used for anti-counterfeiting.

5).Many varieties. There are many materials for film coating to choose from. Through the design of the coating prescription, film coatings with different characteristics can be made to change the release position of the drug core

and the release characteristics of the drug. Now, in addition to gastric-soluble and enteric-coated membranes, there are also oral-soluble membranes (containing tablets), sustained-release membranes, controlled-release

membranes, composite membranes (in addition to the drug core, the membrane also contains other main drugs) and the latest types. Layered film, microporous film, osmotic pump coating, and additive coating, which will

greatly improve the efficacy.

6).Widely used. Now film coating has not only been widely used in Chinese and Western medicine tablets and pills, but also used in small tablets (Minitablet), pellets (Pellet), granules, soft and hard capsules and even drug

powders. The film-forming substances are directly used directly For film (such as contraceptive film, that is, the film contains the main drug without a drug core), suspension and hydrophobic drug dispersant.

7).standardization. The design, process, material, and quality of film-coated tablets can be standardized and slender and computerized. This is particularly important for GMP management and entry into the international market.

8).Pollution is small. The process can reduce or avoid the flying dust inside the workshop, which is conducive to environmental protection and labor protection, and at the same time can prevent internal pollution in the workshop

which is of great significance to meet the GMP clean requirements under dynamic conditions.

9).Many solvents. The coating agent generally uses water as a solvent to prepare the coating liquid, which not only reduces the cost, but also makes the operating environment different and comfortable and safe, but it can only

use non-aqueous solvents for certain drugs that absorb water quickly or decompose easily in water. , Many solvents in this area are available.

10).low cost. Although film coating materials are more expensive than sugar and talc, due to the small amount of use and labor savings (1 to 2 operators), less plant and equipment are needed (only one standard plant and one).

Coating pot), saving materials and energy, so the overall calculation is not higher than the cost of sugar coating.

5.3 prospects:

Based on these advantages, the pace of implementation of GMP is accelerated. The application of domestic film coating technology is in an accelerated process. The market prospect of film coating is very broad, and the

improvement and improvement of coating materials and coating technology are also inevitable. Yes, we have done some explorations in coating material selection, prescription design, and coating technology progress.

With the development of polymer materials science in recent years, the film coating liquid has improved steadily, and the products have been subdivided, and presents the development trend of high concentration!

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