Quality Trc-100 Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine At Factory Price

Model: TRC-100
Encasing speed: 30-100boxes/min
Power: 220V/50Hz
Motor power: 0.75kw

Description of TRC-100 semi automatic cartoning machine

TRC-100 semi automatic cartoning machine is an excellent product of our company. Our machines focus on quality and details, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

As for the scope of application of this product, the TRC-100 semi automatic cartoning machine can load containers, cosmetics, electronic devices and other comparable items in different requirements. In the field of manufacturing, it has a large range of applications, particularly in the fields of food, medicine, and cosmetics. As another example, vials, cereal bags, tubes, lotions, sachets, injections, vehicle components, equipment, frozen food, milk powder bags, a wide range of applications.

TRC-100 semi automatic cartoning machine

Technical parameters of TRC-100 semi automatic cartoning machine



Encasing speed



Quality requirement


Dimension range(L*W*H)



Quality requirement


Unfolded leaflet specification(L*W)


Fold range


Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption




Motor power


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Machine weight


What types of semi automatic cartoning machines can be divided into?

Semi automatic cartoning machine is split into horizontal and also upright cartoning equipment according to the paper feeding position of the container with the maker.

Upright cartoning device:

The device made by cartoner machine manufacturers is suitable for some products offered by weight or volume, such as flour, rice, etc. On the upright paper packing machine, the item will be fed right into the maker up and down, usually from the top of the machine, either manually or automatically.

Horizontal cartoning equipment:

Horizontal cartoning machines are generally made use of for food packaging, such as coffee, grains, and so on. On a horizontal cartoner, products are fed from the side of the carton. The straight cartoning maker immediately tons the item laterally right into the carton, running continuously or intermittently, closes by either tucking the end flaps of the container or applying glue or adhesive.

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