High End Trc-120S Cartoning Equipment For Medicine Paper Box Supplier

Model: TRC-120S
Encasing speed: 30-100boxes/min
Power: 220V/50Hz
Motor power: 0.75kw

What is the working concept of TRC-120S cartoning equipment?

Taking the vertical cartoning equipment as an instance, the conveyor that is transported laterally from the upright cartoning equipment electrical outlet to the cartoning equipment automatically presses the items right into the box during the movement, as well as the tray running the hot melt spray is facing down on both sides of the operation The two sides of the element are slowly folded as well as pushed, and also the melted material after warm curing immediately prints the day stamp throughout operation. Extremely automated, easy operation, conserving labor expense.

There is a main drive motor and clutch brake in the framework, as well as each part of the transmission system on the machine board has a torque overload guard.

The equipment is outfitted with a paper discharge device. The sensor first spots brochures, items and also boxes, and afterwards exports the items after pushing the whole lot number and also closing packages. Throughout the testing process, waste will be located and also removed at the leave to make sure that the product quality totally fulfills the eligibility demands.

Technical parameters of TRC-120S cartoning equipment



Encasing speed



Quality requirement


Dimension range(L*W*H)



Quality requirement


Unfolded leaflet specification(L*W)


Fold range


Compressed air

Working pressure


Air consumption




Motor power


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Machine weight


How can the TRC-120S cartoning equipment protect the operator?

The cartoning equipment is quick, versatile, and also reputable adequate to take care of a variety of items as well as container types. Semi-automatic and automatic cartoning machine devices not just substantially improve operational performance, yet also boost general assembly line performance. Currently, one equipment can take care of containers of various sizes, shapes as well as materials, sufficient to satisfy our requirements. Nevertheless, these benefits likewise bring safety risks.

One of the most typical threats of cartoning equipments is that the operator may try to reach into the publication box to manually feed more material. At the paper inlet of the carton magazine, a level blank is drawn in there for first forming. After the empty products in the publication are emptied, both the gain access to point as well as the relocating equipment will certainly be subjected.

When paper is obstructed in the empty paper box, also greater risks are created. Once again, the operator may want to get in to get rid of the obstructed paper, once again putting his hands and fingers in danger.And now our equipment is outfitted with a sensing unit. When the sensor finds an empty carton box, the safety and security controller will automatically stop the machine and also provide an alarm system to put it in risk-free setting up until a brand-new carton is packed. Stop operator injuries without jeopardizing overall operating efficiency.

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