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Product Name: DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine
Punch Frequency: 20-25 times/min for alu-alu
Stroke: Standard type: 30-110mm
Power Supply: 1 Phase 220V 50Hz 4.0kw (can be customized)

Description Of DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine

DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine is likewise called a machine that uses plastic movie or sheet to develop a blister, and also seals the item in between the blister as well as the circuitry using warmth securing and also bonding. DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine is usual in food as well as medical packaging sector, medical packaging sector.

The blister packs have blister packs, trays, and so on, and the shapes vary depending on the shape of the packaged products. And there are lots of types of blister packaging equipments, blister packs There are likewise various product packaging methods. And so, the fundamental concept of automatic blister packing machine is about the very same, as well as its common procedure is:

Plastic sheet heating → film creating → filling products → covering substrate → warmth sealing → trimming trimming

To complete the above process, you can make use of manual operation, semi-automatic procedure and also automated procedure in 3 methods.

Because the manufacturing volume of the blister packing machine of medications is fairly fixed as well as requires safety and hygiene, it is appropriate to use automated product packaging lines for manufacturing. In addition to the conclusion of the product packaging process, printing, instruction manuals, cartoning, etc. are also called for throughout automated procedures: procedures Connected with the product packaging line to form a totally automated sore packaging production line.

Technical Parameters Of DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine

Products Specification

Product name

DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine

Punch Frequency

20-40 times/min for alu-pvc

20-25 times/min for alu-alu


Standard type: 30-110mm

Max. Forming Area


Max. Forming Depth

12mm (special size can be customized)

Packing Material

PVC/PVDC/PET: 150*0.25 (0.15-0.5)mm

PTP Alu-Foil: 150*0.02mm

Power Supply

1 Phase 220V 50Hz 4.0kw (can be customized)

Air Compressor

0.6Mpa, air flow>0.15M3/min

Machine Size

2800* 650*1650mm

Machine Weight


Features Of DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine

PLC + touch screen control system.

The major electric motor is geared up with frequency converter.

Modular workstation makes the adjustment of the workstation basic and easy.

Emergency Quit function: when an Emergency Quit is pushed the equipment stops safely as well as can only be rebooted by resetting the device controls.

Adopt picture cell control.

PLC control.

Comply with GMP criterion.

With CE certification.

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