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Product Name: DPP-260H blister pack sealing machine
Punch Frequency: 25-50 times/min for alu-pvc
Packing Material: PTP Alu-Foil: 260*0.02-0.03mm
Machine Weight: 1,500Kg

Difference between blister packaging and strip packaging

The difference between strip packaging and blister packaging is that there are no hot formed or cold formed cavities in strip packaging. The difference between medical blister tray and drug blister packaging is that they are not push in packaging. They are designed for the medical equipment used in hospitals.blister packaging and strip packaging machineTechnical Parameters Of DPP-260H blister pack sealing machine

Products Specification

Product name

DPP-260H blister pack sealing machine

Punch Frequency

25-50 times/min for alu-pvc

Max. Forming Area


Max. Forming Depth

20mm (special size can be customized)

Packing Material

PVC/PVDC/PET: 260*0.25 (0.15-0.5)mm

PTP Alu-Foil: 260*0.02-0.03mm

Machine Size

4200* 650*1640mm

Machine Weight


What are the applications of tablet blister packing equipment?

The products used for tablet blister packaging are mainly plastic sheets, substrate products, heat seal covering materials as well as substrate printing inks.

1. Plastic sheet product

The rigid plastic sheets generally used in the safety cover packaging of medications mainly consist of polyvinyl chloride, poly-vinylidene chloride and some composite products. At present, the largest application volume is PVC hard film. The PVC sheets of pharmaceutical product packaging have high sanitary needs for resins, as well as safe polyvinyl chloride materials, non-toxic modifiers as well as safe heat stabilizers should be used.

Polyvinylidene chloride has high polymer thickness, normal framework, high crystallinity, extremely strong gas tightness, exceptional moisture resistance, good oil resistance, chemical resistance as well as solvent resistance. Water vapor as well as carbon dioxide gas have superb obstacle residential or commercial properties. Compared with materials of the same thickness, the barrier homes of polyvinylidene chloride versus oxygen are 1500 times that of polyethylene, 100 times that of polypropylene, as well as 100 times that of polyester. Therefore, the sealing efficiency, influence strength, tensile strength and resilience of polyvinylidene chloride as well as polyvinylidene chloride products can meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical or blister custom packaging machinery product packaging. Compound plastic hard films for pharmaceutical blister product packaging consist of PVC/ PVDC/ PE, PVDC/ OPP/ PE, PVC/ PE, etc. The product packaging needs medicines with barrier properties and also defense from light, as well as plastic sheet as well as light weight aluminum foil composite materials, such as FAMILY PET/ Compound product of light weight aluminum foil/ PP, PET DOG/ aluminum foil/ PE.

2. Substratum material

The sore product packaging substrate for impurities and also capsules typically utilizes coated aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is made from electrolytic light weight aluminum with a purity of 99%. The aluminum foil has a very dense metal crystal structure, non-toxic and tasteless, as well as has superb light-shielding residential properties. It has incredibly high moisture resistance, gas obstacle and also preference retention, can effectively secure the packaged items, and is widely utilized in pharmaceutical sore packaging. The surface of the substrate should be tidy as well as glossy, with good printability, as well as the warm seal covering can be buried permanently to ensure that the substratum and also the sore can be securely integrated after the warm seal coating is thawed.

3. Warm seal coating material

The heat-seal finishing ought to be compatible with the substratum and the sore. The heat-seal temperature ought to be fairly reduced. The brake can be rapidly heat-sealed without damaging the sore movie. The single-component adhesive is mostly composed of all-natural rubber or artificial rubber, in addition to nitrocellulose as well as resin esters. It is non-drying and also hot-melt, as well as has a particular bonding stamina. The sub-adhesive is mainly polyurethane adhesive, which has the features of far better resistance to low and high temperatures, resistance to medium erosion, high insertion pressure, and so on, and can simultaneously bond a variety of products. Other typically utilized heat-seal coating products are soluble vinyl material as well as waterproof acrylic material, which have good gloss, transparency and also warm sealing homes.

4. Substratum printing ink

Considering the printing process of the light weight aluminum foil of the pharmaceutical sore packaging substrate and the special demands of the pharmaceutical packaging made by automatic blister packing machine, its printing ink should have a good alternative for the aluminum foil, the printed text pattern is firm and clear, the solvent release is excellent, the warmth resistance is great, and the rubbing The efficiency is exceptional, the gloss is excellent, the pigment should be safe, as well as it does not contaminate the packaged medicines. The practical thickness needs to fulfill the technical needs of light weight aluminum foil printing. The total output substrate aluminum foil printing ink is mainly divided right into 2 groups: * category is alcohol-soluble polyamide ink. Since polyamide material has excellent orientation to all sort of materials, especially ideal for printing movies, plus excellent dispersion, gloss as well as soft qualities, put on resistance, great solvent launch as well as printability, it is often made use of in It is equipped with LDPE, CPP, OPP as well as other surface-printed gravure printing inks after unique plastic film treatment. The inks have the characteristics of good gloss, vast application, anti-blocking and easy drying out. Ethylene ethylene copolymer material dienoic acid material is the main unique ink for light weight aluminum foil. It is characterized by bright color, high focus, as well as replacement with light weight aluminum foil. It is specifically solid, has good openness, as well as has exceptional metal gloss reproducibility. By readjusting the structure of its blended solvent to fulfill the demands of light weight aluminum foil surface printing, more aluminum foil printing will be laminated flooring on the substrate.

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