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Product Name: DPP-140F automatic blister packing machine
Packing Material: PVC/PVDC/PET: 260*0.25 (0.15-0.5)mm
Machine Weight: 1500Kg
Machine Size: 4200* 650*1640mm

Description of DPP-140F pill blister pack machine 

Blister packaging is a preformed plastic / paper / foil package used to shape solid drugs. The main component of blister packaging is the cavity or bag made of thermoforming plastic. This is usually covered with cardboard or aluminum foil or plastic film.

Technical Parameters Of DPP-140F pill blister pack machine

Products Specification

Product name

DPP-140F pill blister pack machine

Punch Frequency

25-50 times/min for alu-pvc

Max. Forming Area


Max. Forming Depth

20mm (special size can be customized)

Packing Material

PVC/PVDC/PET: 260*0.25 (0.15-0.5)mm

PTP Alu-Foil: 260*0.02-0.03mm

Machine Size

4200* 650*1640mm

Machine Weight


How to operate the DPP-140F pill blister pack machine

The green indicator light is on when the power is turned on, and also the two home heating buttons of the top and also lower creating as well as warm securing are specifically looked to the "ON" setting. The workbench is first, the temperature controller manages the developing temperature, as well as the preset temperature level is 90C ˚ as well as 100C ˚, respectively. The controller is heat-sealed, and also the temperature level is pre-programmed to 120C ˚ -140 C˚ backwards and forwards, and also the pre-programmed temperature of the forming and also heat-sealing temperature level controller is established according to certain situations.

Take down the pressing block on the feed roller, the temperature of the forming heating plate remains in place, and then activate the host. The plastic PVC is developed initially. The creating eyelet conforms to the hole placement of the warmth securing mold and mildew. Keep in mind that the heat securing mold and mildew base uses the deal with to decrease the heat securing mold to press the light weight aluminum foil., Aluminum aluminum foil will drive to boxing. Observe whether the plastic (described the PVC surface area of the equipment board) has changed left and right. If there is a deviation, readjust the beginning roller base to change the beginning direction.

If the light weight aluminum foil disperses back and forth, the flexible handle roller seat handwheel can be changed down. If the front as well as back discrepancy can be readjusted, the cupboard can relocate.

After the warmth sealing and punching is regular, open the feeder shutter correctly, to ensure that the medicines (tablets, pills, sugar covering) get in the feeding room in a proper amount. If there is a percentage of missing out on bits, it can be loaded by hand. The initial precautions when replenishing the bits: roller pressure roller Moving hands and also hooks break the light weight aluminum foil. On top of that, the developing eyelet reaches the side of the stress roller, and there is a lack of grain. Do not force it to fill up. The hole placement is not enabled. When the medicine is generated, the synchronization is much more seriously influenced. Quickly when the aluminum foil is sealed On the sticky mold and mildew, it has to be processed by a set maker.

As a result of the increase in the weight of drugs, the light weight aluminum foil pulling force and also the progressive change of the equipment temperature differ, and also the molding as well as heat securing may run out sync, leading or delaying. Very first check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil are shaded, and afterwards make use of the on-board fine-tuning mechanism to readjust. The fine modification system readjusts the mold and mildew onward as well as backward, because of the adjustment distance or the front and also rear of the box. As a result, it must be put in a neutral placement prior to starting up to progress and also in reverse. It can additionally be readjusted by the activity of the front box. After appropriate movement, the area should be right after waiting for more than 10 variations, so do not do it when it is not finished. Random adjustments. 

The warmth securing high quality of plastic aluminum foil (consistent adhesion, suppleness as well as monotony) is shown by the temperature or pressure, and also the flatness of the printed board. If there is an inadequate warm seal, the temperature is generally suitable, typically the temperature level is a little reduced, and also the temperature is adjusted., The most adjusted screw stress.

Offset of boxing, balanced out with reducing pattern, quit and also move the hand-adjusting box body, and also the mold can be readjusted and also moved.

In day-to-day procedure knowledge, you need to recognize the framework principle of the equipment for the procedure. The roller of the jack pole is driven by the web cam, the up and down stroke, the setting of the top cover template is dealt with, as well as the blister is in a poor state. Take note of the lower developing die or warmth securing. At the top dead center, tighten the column nut. If you do not focus, it is very easy to breakdown, and also the roller needle of the jack is stuck.

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