Quality NJP-800C Automatic Capsule Filling Equipment

Product Name: NJP-800C capsule filling equipment
Max. Output: 20,000 Capsules/Hour
Folding way: Suitable for filling capsule size
Dosage Type: Powder/granule material

NJP-800C capsule filling equipment called automated tablet filler is a brand-new loading tools with one-of-a-kind framework. Instead of hands-on capsule dental filling, it can minimize labor toughness as well as get to the health and also wellness criterion of pharmacology.

Trustar NJP-800C capsule filling equipment meet different performance requirements as well as likewise can be used in medicine, food, cosmetics, and so on. This Pill Filling Maker is straightforward to run alone, and likewise can finish the positioning , separation along with locking of pills, extremely automated. Trustar have a complete NJP-800C semi automatic capsule filler line, which can use one-stop service, consisting of Tablet Conveying System, Pill Sprucing Up Equipment, Dirt Extractor, Damages Capsule Sorter as well as additionally Vacant Tablet Ejector.

SPECIFICATIONS of NJP-800C Capsule Filling Equipment

Products Specification

Product Name

NJP-800C capsule filling equipment

Max. Output

20000 Capsules/Hour

Folding way

Suitable for filling capsule size
(change parts /molds need to be changed accordingly)

Dosage Type

Powder/granule material

Power Supply

380V 10%, 50/60Hz, 3ph, 2.21kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request.)

Machine size


Net Weight


Packing Size


Gross Weight


Features of NJP-800C capsule filling equipment

1. Compact GMP version, little size, low power intake, very easy to operate, easy to clean

2. PLC shows

3. No need to save the filling capsule for polishing

4. The body is made of stainless-steel, which adapts GMP requirement

5. Regularity conversion rate control function, infinitely variable loading table rate; four kinds of screw speed, to satisfy the demands of different powders and also particles

6. Boost the style of automatic powder receptacle, minimize weight modification as well as enhance effectiveness

7. Automatic pill closing system, high effectiveness and safety and security

9. High automation, easy to operate individually

10. Automatic vacant pill separation, automated discharging loader

Just how does a semi automatic capsule filler work?

Various sorts of pill filling up devices have various designs, yet their functioning principles are essentially the same. First, the worker requires to separates the pill from its cap, after that placed all-time low of the capsule on the base of the capsule filling up maker, and put the cap of the pill to the filler machine's cover. Next, the equipment fills the powder or granules right into the pill and also shuts the cap. The filling process of the pill is completed.

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