Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Max. Output: 20000 Capsules/Hour
Machine size: 1290*685*1600mm
Net Weight: 330KG
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine also called semi automatic capsule filler is a new filling machine with novel structure. Instead of manual capsule filling, it can reduce labor intensity and reach the health standard of pharmacology.

Trustar Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine or semi automatic capsule filler meet different efficiency requirements and can be used in medicine, food, cosmetics, etc. This Capsule Filling Machine is easy to operate alone, and can complete the positioning, separation and locking of capsules, highly automated.

Trustar have a complete capsule filling line, which can provide one-stop service, including Capsule Conveying System, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Damage Capsule Sorter and Empty Capsule Ejector.


Max. Output

20000 Capsules/Hour

Folding way

Suitable for filling capsule size 00#-4#
(change parts /molds need to be changed accordingly)

Dosage Type

Powder/granule material

Power Supply

380V卤10%, 50/60Hz, 3ph, 2.21kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request.)

Machine size


Net Weight


Packing Size


Gross Weight


Technical parameters:

Applicability: size 00 to 4 capsules with powder, granules or pellets

Version: single loader, operation loader, mini model

Production output: three different models provide production output of 25000 to 45000 capsules per hour


Compact GMP model, small size, low power consumption, easy to operate, easy to clean

PLC programming

No need to store the filling capsule for polishing

The body is made of stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standard

Frequency conversion speed control function, infinitely variable filling table speed; four kinds of screw speed, to meet the needs of different powders and particles

Improve the design of automatic powder hopper, reduce weight change and improve efficiency

Automatic capsule closing system, high efficiency and safety

High automation, easy to operate independently

Automatic empty capsule separation, automatic unloading loader

1. What if there are some problems after buying the capsule filler machine?

Contact us by email or phone,.if necessary, we can even visit you with our technician.


2.What are the advantages of your product?

With excellent quality and favorable price, the capsule filling machine can be customized according to customer requirements.


3. Which pharmaceutical machines are included in your business activities?

Mainly used in RMG pharmaceutical solid dosage machine, fluidized bed dryer, tablet machine, tablet sugar / film coating machine, blister packaging machine, cartoning machine, etc.


4. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer, together with trading business.

30 years. Our factory started our trading business 15 years ago.

We have professional technicians and designers who can design professional equipment according to your situation.

1.How does a capsule filler work

Different types of capsule filling machines have different designs, but their working principles are basically the same.First, the worker needs to separates the capsule from its cap, then put the bottom of the capsule on the base of the capsule filling machine, and put the cap of the capsule to the filler machine's cover.Next, the machine fills the powder or granules into the capsule and closes the cap.The filling process of the capsule is completed.

2.What is the easiest way to fill capsules?

There are two ways to fill the capsules: manual and automatic.The manual capsule filler is suitable for filling your own pill capsules at home, which is cheap.But if you want to efficiently produce large quantities of capsules, you can buy our automatic capsule filling machine.Different capsule filling machines are suitable for different sizes of capsules. When choosing a machine, make sure to choose a machine that can accommodate the capsule size you choose. If you do n’t know how to choose the machine, you can contact us at any time.

3.How much does a 00 capsule hold?

"000" holds about 1000 mg, "00" holds about 735 mg, "0" size holds about 500 mg, # 1 holds about 400 mg, and # 3 holds about 200 mg.

But the powder or granules filled are different and the density is different, so the weight of the capsules of the same model is also different. You can weigh the weight of 50 empty capsules first, and then weigh the weight of 50 capsules filled with powder or granules, and compare the two to get the capacity of a single capsule. If you only need a small amount of active ingredients, you can get the capsule you want by mixing with rice flour.

4.How to choose different types of capsules for capsule filling machine.

1. There are two kinds of capsules: soft capsule and hard capsule. Different capsule machines are suitable for different equipment. If you are using an automatic capsule machine, hard capsules are more suitable.

2. Vegetarian capsules. Vegetarian capsules are made of poplar. Vegetarian capsules are free of kosher, halal and gluten-free.

3. Gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules are made of animal gelatin. They are often cheaper than vegetarian capsules.

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