Factory price Ggs-240P10 automatic liquid filling and sealing machine

Product Name: Liquid filling and sealing equipment
Max forming depth: 12mm
Cutting Frequency: Forming: 20 times/min
Capacity: 1-100ml

Technical Parameters Of GGS-240P10 liquid filling and sealing equipment

Products Specification

Product name

Liquid filling and sealing equipment

Max forming depth


Cutting Frequency

Forming: 20 times/min

Punching: 180-250 times/min

Film Material

PET/PE PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)x240mm



Power supply

380V ,50Hz(optional)

Total power


Machine weight


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Classification Of liquid filling and sealing equipment

Liquid filling and sealing equipment can be divided right into stress filling up machine, normal stress filling up maker as well as vacuum cleaner dental filling device according to the filling concept.

① The pressure filling equipment is filled under atmospheric pressure and also is separated right into two types: one is that the functioning pressure in the fluid tank coincides as the functioning stress in the bottle, as well as it is filled by the weight of the liquid into the bottle and also is called Canned isobaric. The other is that the functioning pressure in the liquid cyndrical tube is higher than the working stress in the bottle. The liquid is injected right into the bottle by the stress difference. This type of method is commonly utilized in the high-speed production line. The working pressure automated loading equipment appropriates for fluid containers containing vapor, such as white wine, soft drinks, sparkling wine, and so on.

② Air pressure filling up equipment is filled up by liquid weight under air pressure. This type of filling up equipment is split right into 2 kinds: timing filling and constant quantity dental filling. It is only suitable for loading low-viscosity non-gaseous fluids such as milk as well as wine.

③ Vacuum cleaner loading machine is to fill under the pressure in the bottle is lower than air pressure, fluid packaging machine is the product packaging equipment for product packaging fluid products, such as beverage loading equipment, automated milk product loading maker, thick fluid food product packaging equipment, Liquid cleansing devices as well as individual care product packaging equipments belong to the degree of fluid packaging equipment.

Because of the selection of fluid items, there are likewise numerous types and methods of liquid commodity packaging makers. Amongst them, the fluid product packaging device utilized for packaging liquid foods has higher technical requirements. Sterility testing, environmental hygiene, and also safety and security are fluid.

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