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Dryer refers to a mechanical equipment that uses heat energy to reduce the moisture of materials, and is used to dry objects. The fbd dryer has been popular in the past 30 years because of its many excellent characteristics for drying fluidizable particles. Summarizing many forms of fluidized bed dryers, they are currently used to dry a large number of different materials, not just particles (the original idea), but from slurry, paste-like materials, continuous mesh and sheet materials. The bulk material that cannot be fluidized by itself can be dried in a fluidized bed of inert small particles. It shows the various parts of the fluidized bed dryer's steam setting, operation mode and fluidized bed technology application. The various fbd dryer types shown in the table have been used in industrial drying to varying degrees.

Only some parts of the bed are fluidized at a time (such as the so-called pulse fluidized bed) to save energy. In the intermittent fluidized bed dryer, the heat input can be adjusted to keep the temperature of the fluid bed dryer granulator materials constant; this control method not only saves energy, but also improves the quality of heat-sensitive products. Such dryers based on fuzzy logic control have entered the market.

high efficiency fbd dryer

The basic external variables in the rigorous process are temperature, humidity, air flow rate and direction, the physical form of the material, the agitation condition, and the holding method of the fbd dryer during the drying operation. The external drying condition is in the initial stage of drying, that is, it is particularly important when removing moisture from the unbound surface, because the moisture on the surface of the material diffuses to the surrounding through the air film on the surface of the material in the form of steam. This mass transfer process is accompanied by heat transfer. Enhanced heat transfer can accelerate drying. However, in some cases F, the drying rate should be controlled. 

For example, after the free moisture is removed from porcelain and log materials, a large humidity gradient will be generated from the inside to the surface. Too fast surface evaporation will cause significant shrinkage, that is, excessive Drying and excessive shrinkage will cause high stress inside the material, causing the material to crack or bend. In this case, air with a higher relative humidity should be used to maintain a higher drying rate to prevent quality defects. In addition, if root vegetables and fruit slices are dried too fast in process 1, surface crusts will form, which will increase the critical water content, which is not conducive to the increase in the overall drying process rate.

The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, and the pharmaceutical machinery industry is also showing a good situation. The selection of the dryer should be based on the characteristics of the drug and the ideal state of the finished product, especially the material and sterility guarantee of the sterile API drying equipment. China's pharmaceutical drying equipment has developed rapidly, and there are many professional drying equipment factories, and their products have both versatility and characteristics.


Drying: The drying speed of powder or granules is 10-20 times that of ordinary ovens.

Granulation: Spray the binder or the main component on the flowing fine powder. After the granulation is completed, the instantaneous solubility and fluidity of the granules become better.

Introduction to fbd dryer principle:


The high-pressure windmill is used to make the powder or particles float in the drying room and the workshop. The hot air passes through the drying room from bottom to top and mixes with the particles violently. The water molecules move from the high material to the low air to take away the water. The drying efficiency is particularly good.


Spray the atomized adhesive or main component on the floating powder to make the fine powder form uniform particles.

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