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The powder mixer made by Trustar is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, etc. It can mix powdery or granular materials with good fluidity very uniformly, so that the mixed materials can reach a mixed state. In the prior art, the powder mixer usually has only one rotation direction, which is similar to a drum washing machine. During the mixing process, the powder is easily segregated and accumulated due to centrifugal force.

The technical realization elements of pharmaceutical powder mixer:

Technical solution: A powder mixer includes four parts: a basic component, a mixing component, a discharging component, and a rotating component.

powder mixer for pharmaceutical and food

Wherein, the basic assembly includes a base, a power box installed on the base, and a mixer housing that is rotatably connected with the power box;

There are four mixing components, which correspond to each other in a cross and are installed around the casing of the mixer. The mixing component includes a driving motor, a mixing drum installed at one end of the output shaft of the driving motor, and a rotatably arranged on the An automatic baffle on one side of the stirring drum; a stirring paddle is provided in the stirring drum, and the stirring paddle is connected with the output shaft of the driving motor;

The unloading assembly is installed on one side of the base and located below the mixer shell, and includes four hoppers surrounded by iron plates, the hoppers are funnel-shaped and hollow at both ends;

The rotating assembly includes a first motor installed at one end of the power box; a first rotating shaft is provided between the first motor and the power box, and a second rotating shaft is provided between the power box and the mixer housing.

In a further embodiment, the power box includes a box body and a planetary gear reducer installed in the box; the planetary gear reducer can transform the high-speed and low-torque motion of the first motor into a low-speed, high-torque motion .

In a further embodiment, the planetary gear reducer includes an inner ring gear, three planetary wheels arranged in the inner ring gear and meshing with the rack of the inner gear ring, connected to the planetary gear The planet carrier and the sun gear meshed with the planet gears are hinged between the planet carrier and the planet wheels; the power is transmitted to the shaft through the planet carrier, and then to other gears. They are composed of a set of several gears. In the gear train, when the first motor drives the sun gear, it drives the planetary gear to autotransmit and revolve along the center of the trajectory of the inner ring gear. The transmission is stable and takes up less space.

In a further embodiment, one end of the sun gear is connected to the first rotating shaft through a coupling, and the other end of the sun gear is connected to the second rotating shaft through a coupling.

In a further embodiment, an electromagnetic relay is provided between the automatic baffle and the stirring drum, including an electromagnet installed at one end of the stirring drum, and a spring connecting the automatic baffle and one end of the stirring roller, which is arranged at all The armature at one end of the automatic baffle, and the control circuit board connected to the electromagnetic relay; one end of the armature is provided with a moving contact, and one end of the electromagnet is provided with a static contact; the electromagnetic relay uses a smaller current, A kind of "automatic switch" in which lower voltage controls larger current and higher voltage. Therefore, it plays the role of automatic adjustment, safety protection, and conversion circuit in the circuit.

In a further embodiment, the stirring paddle includes a rotating shaft, and six paddles fixedly connected to the rotating shaft, and the angle between the paddles is 60 degrees; The contact area makes the powder agitate more evenly.

A method for mixing medicinal powder mixer is characterized by comprising the following steps:

1. The operator pours the powder to be stirred into the mixing drum and covers the automatic baffle;

2. Start the equipment, drive the motor to work, and drive the stirring paddle to rotate at a high speed;

3. While the stirring paddle is rotating at high speed, the first motor works, and outputs power to the mixer shell through the power box, which drives the rapid mixer granulator shell to rotate at low speed;

4. After a predetermined time, the drive motor and the first motor stop working, and one of the mixing drums is located directly above the hopper;

5. The electromagnetic relay controls the automatic baffle to separate from the mixing drum, and the powder falls into the hopper;

6. The first motor starts again and controls the mixer shell to rotate clockwise. Each time it rotates 90 degrees, one of the mixing drums will stay directly above the hopper;

7. Repeat 5, that is, the electromagnetic relay controls the automatic baffle to leave the mixing drum, and the powder falls into the hopper until all powder in the mixing drum is finished.

Beneficial effects: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical powder mixer, which is fully automated from mixing to discharging. The super mixer granulator has four stations, that is, four mixing drums can simultaneously stir and mix the powder, which improves production efficiency; While high-speed rotation is used to mix the powder, the mixer shell is also rotating at low speed, that is, the whole mixer has both auto-propagation and revolution rotation modes, which makes the mixing more uniform and avoids the material generated by the centrifugal force during the mixing process. The specific gravity produces the effects of segregation and accumulation; through the predetermined execution code, the device can automatically stop after the stirring is completed, and the automatic baffle is opened to complete the feeding operation; in summary, the present invention has high efficiency when stirring the powder Uniformity and high degree of automation.