Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

Max forming depth: 12mm
Cutting Frequency: 0-25 times/min
Film Material: PET/PE PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)x120mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Description of Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

Liquid filling and sealing machine is also called bottle filling and sealing machine. The liquid filling and sealing machine is suitable for unit-dose medicines and is automatically packaged into sachets according to measurement requirements. The liquid filling and sealing machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the packaging of liquid materials in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries, such as beverages, health products, perfumes, pesticides, syrups, puree foods, cosmetics, and other oral liquids. Pasty liquids such as olive oil include jams and foods. The liquid filling and sealing machine has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency, saves labor costs, and is suitable for mass production.

Max forming depth


Cutting Frequency

0-25 times/min

Film Material

PET/PE PVC/PE(0.2-0.4)x120mm



Power supply

220V/380V ,50Hz

Total power


Machine weight


Machine dimension(L*W*H)


Details of Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine:

Features of Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine:

The liquid filling and sealing machine can automatically complete the following work procedures through the program: PVC roller release, PVC.Preheating, sealing, cutting, filling, sealing, output. High degree of automation, high production efficiency, packaging can be completed in one time.

The liquid filling and sealing machine adopts man-machine interface operation, which is easy to operate. The adjustment is convenient and fast, the bag length can be adjusted without changing the mold, and can be controlled through the man-machine interface. Using PLC control, stepless speed regulation. Using high-speed, high-precision and advanced motion controller. Speed control of frequency conversion motor, servo motor controls the traction device of packaging materials.

We use high-quality accessories to ensure the long-term normal use of the machine. The punching head has no leakage, and there will be no foam and overflow. Filling system can choose peristaltic pump, stainless steel piston pump, stainless steel rotary valve pump and ceramic rotary valve metering pump as needed. It adopts electric peristaltic pump and mechanical piston pump for easy adjustment.

Safety and hygiene is a point we attach great importance to. The liquid-filled contact part of this liquid filling machine adopts SUS316L, which complies with GMP standards.

Automatic unwinding, slitting a roll of packaging materials. It has a double-sided photoelectric tracking function to ensure correct printing, and has an automatic counting function. The final product is beautiful and generous, which can fully meet the high requirements of packaging. Multi-function, multiple choices to suit your different needs. Can make stand bottles, can make bottles with a flat bottom.

Advanced performance, high power, low noise, compact structure, stable operation, easy maintenance, and long service life. The film feed mechanism can be rotated 90° In horizontally, and a film contact mechanism is added to make film replacement and maintenance easier.

The sealing die adopts high-precision integral rolling heat sealing roller, four-side sealing and multi-line bag. It has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, smooth bag shape, beautiful appearance and high packaging efficiency.

The measurement is accurate. For liquid materials, centrifugal liquid pumps are specifically designed for transportation. Metering control uses high precision solenoid valves. Each valve conforms to the voltage rules, which can conveniently and accurately adjust the dosage of each pipeline.

The liquid filling and sealing machine has an automatic film filling and shock absorption mechanism to ensure the flatness and tension stability of the film, making the packaging bag smoother and more beautiful. The packaging film has strong adaptability, the sealing temperature of the machine is automatically controlled, and the control accuracy is high (±1C°). Suitable for the most complex film packaging films at home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc.

FAQ about Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine:

1. Why choose our liquid filling and sealing machine?

We are professional manufacturer and together with trading business. With 30 years of production experience, our factory started our trading business 15 years ago and is one of the earliest professional suppliers in the field of pharmaceutical machinery. Our products are mainly used in RMG pharmaceutical solid dosing machine, fluidized bed dryer, tablet sugar/film coating machine, tablet machine, blister packaging machine, cartoning machine, etc. We welcome you to visit our factory at any time, you can fly directly to China, we will pick you up at the airport. If you have other questions, you can also contact us online or call us.

Our liquid filling and sealing machines have excellent quality and preferential prices, and we can also produce customized equipment according to customer requirements. We focus on after-sales service and provide professional follow-up services. After purchasing the machine, if you encounter some complex problems that cannot be solved by yourself, you can contact us by email or phone, and even we can even visit you with our technical staff when necessary. We are very keen on the development trend of packaging machinery in the world, and strictly implement mechanical quality control. We can clearly understand your requirements and manufacture machines precisely according to your requirements.

2.What are the maintenance items for liquid filling and sealing machine?

Liquid filling and sealing machine is an ideal and economical filling equipment for pharmaceutical, daily chemical and fine chemical industries. The use of the liquid filling and sealing machine needs to ensure the integrity and good operation of the equipment, and requires regular maintenance and maintenance of the automatic tube filling and sealing machine.

Check the sensitivity of the sensor regularly, check the electrical control circuit and the connection of each sensor and tighten.

Equipment maintenance items are handled by the operator and form maintenance records.

Before starting production (including the feeding device), oil must be added to the lubricator and the joint must be tightened. After each production stop (including the feeding device), the water is discharged from the pressure reducing valve. After each production, please clean the machine, and turn off the main power switch or unplug the power plug.

All lubricated parts should be filled with sufficient lubricant to prevent parts wear. Check whether the pneumatic and transmission mechanisms are good, and adjust and replace the lubricant.

Clean the inside and outside of the filler pipe and the sealing machine. Do not use hot water above 45°C to avoid damage to the sealing ring.

Check whether the motor under test, heating system, PLC and inverter are normal, and perform a cleaning test to check whether the coefficient parameters are normal.

During the operation, the operator should standardize the operation. During the operation, please do not touch each part of the machine with your hands to avoid personal injury. If you find abnormal sounds, please stop checking in time until you find the cause. After troubleshooting, you can turn it on again.

3.How can liquid filling machines be classified?

Liquid filling machine can be divided into pressure filling machine, normal pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine according to the filling principle.

The pressure filling machine is filled under atmospheric pressure and is divided into two types: one is that the working pressure in the liquid storage tank is the same as the working pressure in the bottle, and it is filled by the weight of the liquid into the bottle and is called Canned isobaric. The other is that the working pressure in the liquid cylinder is higher than the working pressure in the bottle. The liquid is injected into the bottle by the pressure difference. This type of method is often used in the high-speed production line. The working pressure automatic filling machine is suitable for liquid cans containing vapor, such as wine, carbonated drinks, champagne, etc.

Atmospheric pressure filling machine is filled by liquid weight under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: timing filling and constant volume filling. It is only suitable for filling low-viscosity non-gaseous liquids such as milk and wine.

Vacuum filling machine is to fill under the pressure in the bottle is lower than atmospheric pressure, liquid packaging machine is the packaging equipment for packaging liquid goods, such as beverage filling machine, automatic dairy product filling machine, thick liquid food packaging machine, Liquid cleaning appliances and personal care product packaging machines belong to the level of liquid packaging machines.

Because of the variety of liquid products, there are also many types and methods of liquid commodity packaging machines. Among them, the liquid packaging machine used for packaging liquid foods has higher technical requirements. Sterility testing, environmental hygiene, and safety are liquid. Basic regulations for food packaging machines.

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