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When it comes to packaging, one has to mention packaging equipment. The automatic filling machine is a type of packaging machinery and a product created by modern technology. Automatic filling machine, subordinate to filling machinery, is a better equipment for packaging various bottled products, and it is also a model for the application of automation technology. We often say that it is necessary to completely liberate the labor force and realize the automatic production mode, and the automatic filling machine is to respond to the call of the development of the times to promote the bridge of the society to the field of automatic production. For any machinery industry, the application of automation technology will be an indispensable tempering process and a relatively important force to drive the development of the industry.

The characteristics of the automatic capsule filler as a whole are the filling and capping processes of the product. The whole machine can complete the bottle unscramble, bottle transfer, quantitative filling, cap unscramble, cap feeding, and capping processes. The contact parts are all made of 316L stainless steel or PTFE, with functions such as no bottle no filling, frequency conversion speed regulation, etc. The automatic filling machine fully realizes mechanical automatic production, completely liberates the labor force, and improves the production quality and production efficiency of the enterprise. At the same time, the market development environment for products has been more standardized, and the overall economic development has moved to a new stage.

automatic liquid filling and sealing machine

Secondly, specifically speaking, the fully automatic filling machine has two simultaneous filling heads, which is better for filling materials quickly. In addition, the performance is stable. The material contact part of the automatic filling machine is made of 316L stainless steel. During the operation of the automatic filling machine, it is convenient to adjust, no bottle no filling, accurate filling volume and counting function. In addition, the filling machine adopts a drip-proof and wire-drawing filling bulkhead, a filling and lifting system for anti-foaming products, a positioning system to ensure the positioning of the bottle mouth and a liquid level control system. The automatic bottle filling machine of the automatic filling machine has high filling accuracy. The filling volume and bottle size can be adjusted according to the bottles of different specifications. It can be equipped with an automatic assembly line.

The automatic filling machine has a very unique advantage, that is, the filling machine adopts automatic bottle walking and automatic filling, with high filling accuracy. The filling volume and bottle size can be adjusted according to different specifications of bottles. It can be equipped with an automatic assembly line. Make the product easier and more convenient in terms of operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on. The automatic filling machine has compact and reasonable design, simple and beautiful appearance, and convenient filling volume adjustment. It is more in line with the pace of modern market economic development, and at the same time it is more in line with the pace of today's market development.

The automatic filling machine has naturally become a part of our lives, and at the same time it has effectively improved our living standards, strengthened the quality of life of the whole people, and contributed to the overall progress and development of the society.  We can also manufacture semi automatic capsule filler for buyers.

The liquid sealing machine is mainly used for sealing various small-caliber plastic bottles. It is the supporting equipment of our company's sealing machine. This machine has the characteristics of easy operation and one-time sealing, large quantity, automatic temperature control (adjustable) and convenient maintenance.

Precautions for use of sealing machine:

1. It is not suitable for metal containers and metal caps, let alone press the start button on a metal table, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

2. Before turning on the power, the induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screws must be tightened.

3. Use a single-phase three-wire power cord. For the safety of the operator, a single-phase three-wire power socket must be used. The ground of the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation.

4. Equipped with an automatic protection function for overheating. When the temperature inside the machine is overheated, the buzzer inside the machine will beep for a long time, and the yellow indicator light of "Abnormal Protection (PRO MD)" shall be on. After the device stops, continue to work.

5. During the working process, you should always touch the surface of the induction head to check whether it is overheated. If you find that your hand is hot, stop heating and wait for it to cool down (the power supply can be turned off). When the "WARMUP" green indicator light is off, please Do not press the start button to avoid false triggering. After the machine is finished, please turn off the power switch on the panel. 

6. Equipped with a 5A fuse, it cannot be replaced by a fuse greater than 5A.

7. There is high voltage inside and the bottom plate is live. It is strictly forbidden to repair it privately to avoid personal electric shock.

8. If you find any exposed wires before use, you should stop using the machine and wait for repairs before using it.

9. The equipment should not be impacted, stressed or damp during transportation, storage and use.

The liquid filling and sealing machine we produced combines the advantages of filling and sealing machines, and can also be widely used in product packaging in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries. If you want to know or buy our automatic liquid filling and sealing machine, welcome to contact us: [email protected].