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The blister packaging process of automatic pharmaceutical capsule blister packaging and cartoning machine requires a molding die, a blister cutting die and a heat sealing tool. The process steps are: ①The plastic film sheet with a thickness of 0.127~0.38mm is heated and vacuumed in an epoxy resin mold or an internally cooled aluminum mold to form a blister cavity; ②After die cutting , Put it into the heat-sealing appliance; ③put the product into the cavity of the blister; ④put the cardboard coated with heat-sealing flux-type paint into the heat-sealing appliance face down, and use the positioning pin to position it to ensure that the cardboard and the blister The cover is glued accurately; ⑤Move the heat-sealing tool to the heat-sealing area, and heat it under pressure (120~204℃) for 1.5~3s, and the film and cardboard are bonded together.

capsule blister packaging machine

Heating sealing methods are divided into direct method and indirect method:

The direct heating sealing method is to directly heat the edge of the blister. The tool is made of anti-sticking material Teflon, which can prevent the film from sticking to the heating tool.

The indirect heat sealing method uses a fluted upper heat mold, and only heats and presses the edge area on the back of the cardboard that coincides with the blister.

Manual and semi-automatic sealing machines include multi-station rotary sealing machines, reciprocating sealing machines and indexable sealing machines.

Plastic film packaging machine which made by pharmaceutical machineries manufacturers is a relatively new packaging form promoted in China in recent years. It has a plastic bubble on one side and an aluminum box on the other, which is also called bubble single packaging or type cover packaging. It is also called penetrating packaging because it puts force on the plastic blister when taking out the package to make the package pierce through the aluminum foil. Commonly known as blisters.

From the perspective of pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging is suitable for packaging medicines such as tablets, needles, capsules, and capsules. Each packaging unit can design the packaging volume according to the therapeutic dose, which can reduce the repetitive labor of distributing medicines in hospital pharmacies. It has the characteristics of convenient use, easy carrying and storage. It is very popular among medical staff and users.

In today's pharmaceutical packaging production lines, the advantages of automated pharmaceutical packaging production lines will gradually become prominent.

In recent years, the production scale of various machinery industries has continued to expand, and the demand for substantial increases in productivity has spawned the rapid development of various automated and highly intelligent professional production lines, especially in the packaging field that was originally labor-intensive.

As an industry that conforms to the trend of automation and intelligence in the packaging field, the emergence of fully automatic packaging lines has greatly improved packaging machinery to meet the needs of automated production, improved the safety and accuracy of the packaging field, and further liberated the packaging labor force.

pharmaceutical capsule blister packaging and cartoning machine

Only one person can manage the operation of the entire production line, which can be said to be the greatest significance of the emergence of specialized production lines. The development of production brings not only the improvement of production quality, but also the improvement of the ability to meet the needs of diversified markets.

Nowadays, the demands of customers are constantly rising. Not only do they put forward stricter requirements on the quality and performance of products, but also have more personalized demands in terms of the dosage of packaging and the aesthetics of the packaging appearance. Therefore, medical packaging machinery is introduced. With the rapid development of the industry, various types of automatic blister packing machine emerge in endlessly.

At present, the packaging industry in the pharmaceutical industry is developing towards full automation. The large-scale adoption of automatic packaging machinery, automatic cartoning machine and automatic packaging lines can meet the requirement of low cost. Relevant experts pointed out that in order to meet the rapidly increasing packaging demand, relevant companies must increase technical research and product innovation of specialized packaging lines to better grasp the development opportunities in the domestic market.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the production field introduces new requirements for packaging technology and packaging equipment, and the competition of packaging machinery  is becoming increasingly fierce. The advantages of automated packaging production lines will gradually become prominent, thereby promoting the overall development of the packaging machinery industry.