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When filling solids preparation equipment, take care to block the lower feed opening. Dry material contains a lot of water and bonds together easily. If it is glued together during fading, it will cause the material to block the warehouse. This will cause the material to be dried to fall down and not enter the solid solid preparation equipment and not be dried. In addition, in addition to the usual cutting and attention to operation, the engineer needs to adjust the solid solids preparation equipment accordingly and install the mixing device in the lower feed port, which can effectively prevent the material from sticking together to block the warehouse.

When the material is discharged, the amount of material should be noted. Quantity requirements are determined primarily by the production of the solids preparation equipment. If the output is insufficient, too much feed is not conducive to the work of the solids solids preparation equipment. Humidity control during feeding, the humidity of the material to be dried varies, some are very high and some are low. When drying the material to be dried, it is necessary to check the humidity of the material to be dried and select the appropriate delivery criteria for materials with different humidity levels.

In order to ensure normal operation, it is necessary to check whether the parts and fixed components of the solid preparation equipment are loose, whether there are abnormal sounds and find out the faults in time, and check some transmission mechanisms such as V-BER and chains, whether they are deformed and loose and worn, adjust the tension of the chains in time, and check whether the electrical start is safe and the equipment is sensitive, accurate and reliable.